Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brooks Brothers Does No Wrong

Hey Preps!

Today I was flipping through Brooks Brothers' summer catalogue...and fell in love with the pictures within it.  They truly capture summer "prep", and I really wish I could paste myself in.  From the two-toned rugby polos to the old school crew neck sweatshirts paired with button-down oxfords...I have found my obsession for today.  Take a look for yourself:

Classic polos with a unique touch to each scene.

I love the girl's attitude...and the props used in this picture.

What a perfect men's polo! The color combination of light pink and navy is just perfect!

Several of these have different colors on the collars...
I can only think that serves one purpose...
Poppin' those collars!

Helloooo handsomes (second best to my Navy boys though)

I just love the casual sweat shirts paired with classic styles. crew neck sweatshirts (with a vintage appeal)
paired with button-down oxfords and polo shirts. 

Saved the best for last! Can I please trade spots with them?

Brooks Brothers, you have done it again.  I am officially your biggest fan!


Grand Ole Party Prep said...

...And there goes my bank account.
My entire family is 100% obsessed with Brooks Brothers. It's becoming an issue. We all unintentionally coordinate 90% of the time. Awwwwkward.

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