Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Frozen Boogers

Hey Preps!
(Outfit of the Day: Lands End Canvas Gingham Oxford Shirt, Lands End Canvas Cardigan,
Delia's Red Corduroy Pants, Sperry Top-sider Sheerwater Boots)

My nickname from a favorite college professor is Smiley.
Hmmm I wonder why.
This past weekend I was out with "red in the face" boy,
and someone I know came over to us...and told him
ALL about my huge glasses and retainers that I used to rock in the 90's.
"Red in the Face" boy laughed, and said he really wasn't surprised.
Great. He already knows I'm a freakazoid.  
A freakazoid perfectly happy being who she is. Retainers and all.
Can't you tell from this picture? Or this post title?

It is freezing here in Pittsburgh.  Early this morning, I sprinted to my car to avoid the cold and shivered the whole way to the gym.  I have a secret spot I park in at the gym that is actually a lot closer and cheaper than the meters, but no one has figured it out yet.  I feel so sneaky.  Anyways, I made another mad dash into the gym...and announced to the lady at the front desk that my boogers are officially frozen, as I took a big sniffle in.  She lost it.  I think she will always laugh at me when I make my entrances into the gym now, thanks to my half-awake but blatantly honest comment.  

I feel like I could write a novel about all the things I hate about the cold.  I hate dressing in huge layers and feeling like a rollie pollie all the time, I hate the possibility of wiping out on ice, and I just hate being cold in general.  Honestly, frozen boogers are the least of my worries in the cold.  

Usually on crummy days like this, I just want to curl up into a ball and go back to sleep.  However, today I am just plain happy.  Maybe it was my 'off the cuff' comment that I made, or maybe it's just the balance that I have been feeling to great extents in my life lately that keeps me happy...regardless I cannot stop smiling.  

In my personal opinion, I have found that happiness is something we often lack.  We are always complaining about how tired we are, the to do list we have to accomplish, and anything else.  There are so many days that I hear numerous people make "whoa is me" statements.  We are always making excuses about why we are unhappy; constantly examining other people's lives and wishing we had something they do.  

Why do we do that?

There are so many times I compare myself to others.  Oh I wish I had her pretty curly hair...Oh I wish I was taller...Oh I wish I had (you fill in the blank).  We are always wanting what others have, always feeling as if we are somehow missing the mark in our own lives...and it makes us completely miserable.

Instead why don't we focus on how much we DO have in our lives?  I am blessed with an incredible family who supports me and loves me unconditionally.  My puppy is the best snuggler in the world.  My friends keep me grounded but still know how to have a good time...I am a college student but already have a career teaching fitness classes and just got paid to become a personal trainer.  I can beat the boys in a lot of sports.  I proudly dress modestly and rock side pony tails.  There are so many blessings in my life and so many things I am proud of.  I really need to remember those more instead of focusing on what I am lacking in.

I am not saying that if you are struggling with something that you should ignore improving yourself as a person, I'm saying start appreciating what you have a little bit more! How can we truly be happy if we are always focusing on the negative things in our lives when we really should be focusing on everything we DO have.  

So be happy. Count your blessings...and laugh at your frozen boogers. 
 Life is too short to not appreciate it.

Have a blessed day y'all!


Emily said...

Thank you so much for writing this! I really needed to hear it :)

how i met your father blog said...

such great insight! thank you for sharing.

if you have a minute, stop by and enter my state charm necklace giveaway!

Grace said...

Great thoughts! I definitely need to stop comparing myself to others.

Wine and Summer said...

This is so great! Thanks so much for sharing.

Love your blog!

Kate said...

Cracking up at the title of this blog post. Pretty sure my sister has talked about frozen nose hairs-that's when you know it is really cold ;)

Another cute outfit! I love the navy cardigan

Frances said...

I love this outfit so much!

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