Friday, January 28, 2011

Check Out My Old Post That Has to Do With Spring 2011 Fashion!

Hey Sweet Readers!

Today I am super busy with trying to get out of town, but I noticed everyone starting to make a big hype about Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collections, such as, J.Crew's has been clogging up my news feed, well once again, we must not forget Tommy Hilfiger, and his brilliant Spring 2011 Collection, so check out My Life According To Tommy (Spring 2011) which is an old blog post of mine that shows some of my favorites from his collection.  (and some funny comparisons that involve the men in my life)

Have a great weekend! So happy it is friday!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend Wardrobe

Tomorrow is Friday! With the whole weekend ahead, I thought I'd show you what I am planning on taking with me to Annapolis as I am in the process or packing:

What do you guys think?

Nautical Trends to Fall In Love With

Right now, I'm eating chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but a Harry & David milk chocolate truffle...
(It's been one of those days).

Going to college in the south, is now considered a luxury to me. Walking in snow to class was forbidden at my old college, and classes were cancelled if we had an inch of snow.  It was glorious.  Now I find myself trecking through mounds of icky snow due to uncleared walkways.  Occasionally I fall due to ice, like I did on Monday.  Completely new experience to me, and I doubt I will ever get used to it.  So as I eat chocolate, by my heater I have turned on full blast, it's time to stop complaining and start blogging. 
Things that are great in my life:
  • I have the best boyfriend alive. I'm sorry ladies, but it's true. He's the best.
  • He made me a power point full of reasons why he loved me, it's hilarious, I will try to share it
  • His texts are the thing other than my faith, that keeps me positive every day. Like this picture message he sent me today:
  • (His Arabic homework, which he put the Silly Band
    that he wears, and that I wear to remind us of each other
    ...with I love you in the middle..I melted)
  • The fact that in two short days, I will be in Annapolis with my boyfriend. I love Annapolis almost as much as I love him. 

Annapolis is perfection when it comes to a small town with great business.  It is quaint, traditional, with tons of heroic history within it.  The bay is beautiful all times of the year, and there is always something new to experience every time I visit.  The fact that it is a town known for it's sailing, and The Naval Academy... it is appropriate for me to say that my recent obsession is the Spring 2011 fashion trend that is nautical themed! If you look past my old posts, you can see my obsession with this trend started early on.  It is so exciting for me to see that this trend is really taking off, stores like Forever 21, Express, and H&M are taking notice.  I am thrilled! Below I have put together a Polyvore for your enjoyment :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Join The Tommy Wagon

You know it's Monday, when you walk outside to your 8am class, and it is -3 degrees outside. You also can verify it is Monday, when you have a pop quiz in your 8am class, and upon completion, you walk outside and fall on a big chunk of ice.  Your butt gets nice and wet, and your books scatter across walkway.  Once you pick everything up, you are late for your next class.  Oh Monday blues. 

Some days you can't avoid all the mishaps, yet today, my spirits are still high.  Maybe I am in a good mood thanks to the Steeler's win last night, or from the weekend I got to spend with boyfriend. Or could it be the fact that I am the happiest girl in the entire world? (I am so mushy).
I know my car ride home helped as I screeched along to Miley Cyrus' song, "He Could Be The One" (no shame). As well as the random texting conversation I have had with Pat all day that ranged from frozen boogers to "I love yous". 

Regardless.  It's been a pretty dandy Monday all facts considered.  Oh, and did I mention I was looking fly today? Yeah, I said it. I looked good. Okay, before you get defensive.  I'm not calling myself "America's Next Top Model" here, I'm just saying that my outfit was very inspirational to Fall 2010 fashion guides.

Especially in the prep world.  Here we go again...
Who is my favorite designer ever ever ever? Tommy Hilfiger
What am I currently obsessed with? His Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collections
and his Fall 2010 ad campaign.  If you want to see the extent of my obsession, please read this or if you want to see his Spring 2011 collection, read this.  My blog is already full of Tommy. 
(Photo credits: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 Ad Campaign)
(Love the station wagon)

Today, my outfit was inspired by his Fall 2010 ad campaign.  In the campaign, we see a lot of navy and reds.  For material, we find corduroys and wools.  Trendy pieces like boyfriend blazers, heeled duck boots, and over sized shades all represent the traditional preppy wardrobe with a modern switch. 

So today, I took full advantage of my closet's resources and came up with an outfit that is somewhat comparable.
(Photo credits: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 Ad Campaign)
Compare the picture above from Fall 2010 Tommy Hilfiger Ads to my outfit below.

I wore:
Plaid Flannel Button Down Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Navy Boyfriend Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft
Camel Colored Corduroy Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Leather Knee-High Boots: Steve Madden
Studded Pearl Earrings

And just because I thought it would be funny, I must add this addition picture...

(Photo credits: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 Ad Campaign)
Max and I wanted to copy this look with the dogs in it.
Don't you think we would be great prospects for Tommy's next ad campaign?


So there you have it, my obsession with Tommy Hilfiger leaks out again.  Hope you all are having just as great a Monday as me, and let me know what you think about my comparisons!
Today I am thankful for my Midshipman, for humor that makes Mondays manageable, and for my puppy, Sir Maxwell Smart. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Knocking on Seven's Door

I'm holding "The Terrible Towel".
Designed by Pittsburgh's beloved Myron Cope..
Who passed away last year.
He was a legacy.
Just like the current Pittsburgh Steelers team.
Tonight, we beat the Jets.
Which means...

We currently have six super bowl titles.
1-2-3-4-5-6 Bad Boys.
{Count em' and weep}

This year we are going for numba SEVEN.
STAIRWAY TO SEVEN? was a great game, and I am so exciteddddd!

Hope everyone had a great weekend...another week of classes starts early tomorrow.  I am grateful for an amazing weekend with Pat (even though he is a Cleveland Brown's fan) and for lots of family time that involved great football.  God bless!

Here We Go Steelers...Here We Go!

It is game day in Pittsburgh...and one thing needs to be clear.  WE LOVE OUR STEELERS!
Tonight we are playing the Jets...{booooooo} for the AFC title, and a spot in the Super Bowl.

So...In honor of my beloved football team, I made a Polyvore that is purely Black & Gold.

It's time to watch some football! GO STEELERS! (or in Pittsburgh, GO Stillers!)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear Boyfriend,

You are on your way here right now!
I am SO happy!


P.S. you are never leaving again. NEVER.
i will hide you when you have to go back Sunday.

TGIF = mushy mushy blah blah.

Fridays are just so divine.  Looking around the classroom of my 10:30 am Spanish class, you can just see the eagerness from every student to be done-zo for the week.  This morning, I woke up to an e-mail announcing that my morning classes were cancelled due to the snow. Down south, classes would have been cancelled due to an inch of snow...Pittsburghers however, have to endure 10 plus inches of snow, and 12 degree weather for my unversity to cancel.  Yet, the fact I was able to lounge around, eating a huuuuge breakfast, just made my morning go so much better.

It is now officially the weekend in the life of Kalyn.  However, I know that it will go by way too quickly. Lately, I have been brainstorming ideas for blogs.  As you know, my blogs do have a lot to do with personal style in a way that applies to my own life.  So as I was browsing through old pictures, I came up with one that is very mushy and puke-romantic filled, but will involve moments that I will never forget. 

Last night, I was snuggled up with my puppy, watching Grey's Anatomy, and there was a statement made that really hit home for me.  Please forgive me because I am about to murder it, but it went something like this: "sometimes we don't see the purpose or significant of details, people, places, in our lives until years later...but they are what shape us as individuals, and thank God they happened". 

One of my earlier posts, I explained the way I met my heartthrob of a boyfriend, Pat.  What I can't get over, is how we worked.  I mean, I met him on a cruise ship during spring break for heaven's sake! Not to mention the fact that I denied him the offer to dance with me...annnd avoided him the next day as I made my final exit off the ship.  Somehow, I was found and convinced to drive nine hours up to a ball at Navy.  Then, somehow after three months of not seeing each other in person, we reconnected, and fell in love.  Oh, and also, the whole barrier of the fact that when I moved closer to home for school, he decided to spend a semester away at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  {which meant three weeks apart for a semester}
Announcement: MY BOYFRIEND IS NOW A THREE HOUR DRIVE AWAY! I saw him last weekend, and I am seeing him this weekend.  It's like Christmas all over again!  ________________________________________________________________________________
But...the time we spent apart helped our relationship to grow in so many different ways...and it was really amazing to be able to visit him in Colorado.  So as one of my posts today, I would like to share some pictures from our adventures out west. 
My first visit to see Pat, at The Garden of the Gods
He thinks he's funny
I never wanted this moment to end
This is why I love him :)
If engineering doesn't work out for him, he could always be a photographer...ya think?
You all are probably disgusted by now
At the Broadmoor Hotel, by the lake...breath taking...(my photography skills this time)
His way of forcing me to eat a second visit

The guys exchanging at Air Force from Navy(and their pretty ladies)...they called themselves Nu Beta Chi (NBX)
also known as "Navy Bro Exchange" ...they booked a cabin in the mountains for us,
and included the Lacrosse pinnies...typical...there is a past blog about their style.
View from the mountains, outside our cabin

The Cabin

On our way to Helen Hunt's Falls...last day in Colorado :(

My ballet flats were not the best hiking boots, but they are cute!

The Falls

Our last day together, sitting by the falls...a perfect moment.
I am thankful for Fridays, good breakfast foods, ballet flats, and the people and moments that make life so meaningful...hope you all have a supaaadupaaa weekend :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awkwardly Awesome Thursdays

Sir Maxwell Smart and I cuddled up to avoid the cold :)

The Awkward:
  • Talking to my new piano professor about Family Guy, and somehow having him relate it to Mozart
  • Cross country skiing with my Evolution and Systematics Lab, being the first one to fall flat on my face
  • Singing in the van on the way to ski, and being told not to
  • Sitting at a stop sign to exit a parking lot, and watching helplessly as a lady backs into my car in slow motion
  • Having my dad tell my mom that, "he wants to tie her up tonight" in front of me
  • Having a gym encounter with an old high school...ummm..."frenemy"
  • Running on the treadmill while she watched my every stride
  • Eating as if I was starved to death all night
The Awesome:
  • Only having two classes today, and one of them was play time
  • Waking up to the sweetest texts from my supadupa boyfriend
  • Playing the piano
  • Cross Country skiing instead of sitting in lab for four hours
  • Duquesne Club Macaroons
  • Knowing that tomorrow is Friday, and time with Patrick
  • Completing all necessary homework for tomorrow and Monday
  • Seeing how God works in the most unique ways in my life
  • Watching a movie with my whole family
No style for today, I'm sorry.  Currently putting together some polyvores, so be on the look.  Snow storm central here in Pittsburgh. Hope you all have a safe and warm Thursday evening!

Set The World On Fire

Hi guys and gals!
It is Thursday evening, which means Friday is almost here! I will be posting several blogs tonight I believe, but thought I would share with you all, some of my modeling portfolio that I have been working on!
Hope you enjoy!







Monday, January 17, 2011

Writer's Block

Hey Prepsters!

I apologize for the long overdue post. A culmanation of things has caused me to not be able to keep up with my blog whether they be laptops failing me to the start of a new semester.  Nonetheless, it is a new semester, and it is time to get back in the swing of things. 

How was everybody's holidays?

For me, they were quite busy with different events, and traveling back and forth to see Pat in Ohio. However, I enjoyed every second of them, and had a chance to do a lot of really fun things with family and friends.  The skis were used several times, we went ice skating, and just the time I got to spend seeing old friends, as well as finally spending more than a weekend with Pat since we have started dating. 

All good things must come to an end though.  Mine ended as I was driving out of the gates of the Naval Academy after dropping my boyfriend off.  He is now a three and a half hour drive away, yet I still cried.  What a sappy girl I am.  So happy he is closer. 

I am now starting my second week of classes, and already need a breather, so I took one and made a polyvore inspired by the young men I spent the weekend at West Virginia Univirsity with. These guys are some of the best guys you will meet, all of which attend the Naval Academy...however, I do tend to admire their preppy style. 

Geelong V-neck sweater
100 GBP -

Rugby-Stripe Surcingle Belt
$45 -

All of the guys sported a plaid button down at some point this weekend.  They matched them with corduroys or colorful chinos.  When they weren't in plaid, they were in either crewneck or v-neck pullovers covered by their warm North Face fleeces. 

West Virginia was a great time.  I was with my best girl friends, and Pat and his guy friends, and it was quite a fun time.  Here are some pictures from the weekend, notice the boys' attire! I will for sure write again this week once my creativity kickstarts again! Have a great Monday evening!