Monday, January 17, 2011

Writer's Block

Hey Prepsters!

I apologize for the long overdue post. A culmanation of things has caused me to not be able to keep up with my blog whether they be laptops failing me to the start of a new semester.  Nonetheless, it is a new semester, and it is time to get back in the swing of things. 

How was everybody's holidays?

For me, they were quite busy with different events, and traveling back and forth to see Pat in Ohio. However, I enjoyed every second of them, and had a chance to do a lot of really fun things with family and friends.  The skis were used several times, we went ice skating, and just the time I got to spend seeing old friends, as well as finally spending more than a weekend with Pat since we have started dating. 

All good things must come to an end though.  Mine ended as I was driving out of the gates of the Naval Academy after dropping my boyfriend off.  He is now a three and a half hour drive away, yet I still cried.  What a sappy girl I am.  So happy he is closer. 

I am now starting my second week of classes, and already need a breather, so I took one and made a polyvore inspired by the young men I spent the weekend at West Virginia Univirsity with. These guys are some of the best guys you will meet, all of which attend the Naval Academy...however, I do tend to admire their preppy style. 

Geelong V-neck sweater
100 GBP -

Rugby-Stripe Surcingle Belt
$45 -

All of the guys sported a plaid button down at some point this weekend.  They matched them with corduroys or colorful chinos.  When they weren't in plaid, they were in either crewneck or v-neck pullovers covered by their warm North Face fleeces. 

West Virginia was a great time.  I was with my best girl friends, and Pat and his guy friends, and it was quite a fun time.  Here are some pictures from the weekend, notice the boys' attire! I will for sure write again this week once my creativity kickstarts again! Have a great Monday evening!




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