Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awkwardly Awesome Thursdays

Sir Maxwell Smart and I cuddled up to avoid the cold :)

The Awkward:
  • Talking to my new piano professor about Family Guy, and somehow having him relate it to Mozart
  • Cross country skiing with my Evolution and Systematics Lab, being the first one to fall flat on my face
  • Singing in the van on the way to ski, and being told not to
  • Sitting at a stop sign to exit a parking lot, and watching helplessly as a lady backs into my car in slow motion
  • Having my dad tell my mom that, "he wants to tie her up tonight" in front of me
  • Having a gym encounter with an old high school...ummm..."frenemy"
  • Running on the treadmill while she watched my every stride
  • Eating as if I was starved to death all night
The Awesome:
  • Only having two classes today, and one of them was play time
  • Waking up to the sweetest texts from my supadupa boyfriend
  • Playing the piano
  • Cross Country skiing instead of sitting in lab for four hours
  • Duquesne Club Macaroons
  • Knowing that tomorrow is Friday, and time with Patrick
  • Completing all necessary homework for tomorrow and Monday
  • Seeing how God works in the most unique ways in my life
  • Watching a movie with my whole family
No style for today, I'm sorry.  Currently putting together some polyvores, so be on the look.  Snow storm central here in Pittsburgh. Hope you all have a safe and warm Thursday evening!


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