Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nautical Trends to Fall In Love With

Right now, I'm eating chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but a Harry & David milk chocolate truffle...
(It's been one of those days).

Going to college in the south, is now considered a luxury to me. Walking in snow to class was forbidden at my old college, and classes were cancelled if we had an inch of snow.  It was glorious.  Now I find myself trecking through mounds of icky snow due to uncleared walkways.  Occasionally I fall due to ice, like I did on Monday.  Completely new experience to me, and I doubt I will ever get used to it.  So as I eat chocolate, by my heater I have turned on full blast, it's time to stop complaining and start blogging. 
Things that are great in my life:
  • I have the best boyfriend alive. I'm sorry ladies, but it's true. He's the best.
  • He made me a power point full of reasons why he loved me, it's hilarious, I will try to share it
  • His texts are the thing other than my faith, that keeps me positive every day. Like this picture message he sent me today:
  • (His Arabic homework, which he put the Silly Band
    that he wears, and that I wear to remind us of each other
    ...with I love you in the middle..I melted)
  • The fact that in two short days, I will be in Annapolis with my boyfriend. I love Annapolis almost as much as I love him. 

Annapolis is perfection when it comes to a small town with great business.  It is quaint, traditional, with tons of heroic history within it.  The bay is beautiful all times of the year, and there is always something new to experience every time I visit.  The fact that it is a town known for it's sailing, and The Naval Academy... it is appropriate for me to say that my recent obsession is the Spring 2011 fashion trend that is nautical themed! If you look past my old posts, you can see my obsession with this trend started early on.  It is so exciting for me to see that this trend is really taking off, stores like Forever 21, Express, and H&M are taking notice.  I am thrilled! Below I have put together a Polyvore for your enjoyment :)


Emma said...

so cute! and i love the steelers too....big ben went to my college :)

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

to sweet!

I feel the same way about my Hubby, and it has been a LONG time!

Mrs. Kindergarten

pittsburghprepster said...

Thank you ladies!
Emma-SO GLAD YOU LOVE THE STEELERS! And I have a few friends who go to your college! One of them is a Delta Zeta!

Mrs. Kindergarten-Thank you for all your sweet comments, that is so precious that you do, and I pray that one day that will be Pat and I, but we shall see :)

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