Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grammar is Risky Business

Hey Preps!

Diction. Noun Phrases. Modifiers. Prepositional Phrases. Subordinate Clauses.

"Get me out of here!
Dude, the notes on the board look like graffiti to me.  No, I don't know whether what you wrote is a Complex or Simple sentence...

Whoa slow down, what modifies the verb? Why?" 

Struggling. What does that modify Mr. Professor? I have the answer...nothing!  I just made it a one word sentence though.  Can you do that? Bet not!  

Mid-term grades showed up on my school's online portal system today.  I was rockin' all A's...except for my Intermediate Writing class.  Intermediate being the modifier or other words NOT ADVANCED.  Now why did I take Intermediate Writing since I'm a Biochemistry major? Well, because I enjoy writing.

My grammar and sentence structuring need a ton of work.  I am well aware of my insufficient writing skills in that area...but gosh, Mr. Professor loses me every single time!

So, there in class I sat...looking at the sentences on the board and laughing because they all seemed correct to me.  


Outfit of the Day:
Oversized Polo Ralph Lauren Button-Down Oxford (I wear it on lazy reminds me of Tom Cruise's shirt that he rocks out to in Risky Business)
Jeggings (also for lazy days)
Hunter Boots

On a positive note, I was stoked it rained today...why? Wellies...woohoo.  Candy apple red Hunter Boots.  I just stared at them all of writing class.  "At least these cuties got my back (or my feet)".  Yes, I do refer to my clothes with human terminology occasionally.  Today was just one of those days...

Oh, and I have officially concluded:  Thursdays are way worse than Mondays.  It's the fourth day, you're tired and the weekend is riiiiiiiight there but you somehow can't grasp it yet.  

Promise I'm not at all in a bad mood! Just extremely sarcastic today. Thanks to Mr. Professor!

Hope y'all are having great weeks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Make a Stadium Statement

Hey Preps!

About a year ago, I was wasting time online, and came across a college girl's dream: Stadium Stompers.  Take the classic Southern Belle's cowboy boot look worn on game days...combine it with a Northern Prep's practicalness of rain boots...and you get Stadium Stompers as a result.

Cute. Practical...and in your school colors!  How much better does it get?  

I debated buying a pair for quite some time.  Then, I caved.  The weather is getting bad, and a girl has to stay warm (especially someone who tends to always freeze like me).  So I bought myself a pair to wear at Navy games.

Of course the first time I wore them it started pouring.  Who was dry? Kalyn! 
You wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I got on them...

So point your school's cutest dressed and invest in a pair of these!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Military Formation: In a Purse

Hey Preps!

Does this look like fun? Meet the United States Naval Academy's 'Brigade of Midshipmen'.  This is during their march on at the Navy v. East Carolina football game...I am not sure if I would personally enjoy doing such an activity (and at the consistency they have to do so), but it's fun to watch.  We also throw candy at the Mids as they march past outside the stadium...but that's besides the point...the point I am getting at is:

I could not march, stand, do any of what they do so frequently.  I would fidget, or need to talk or scream or something. I actually think I would burst out laughing...because that is what I do when there is silence. 

However, something I could manage to do is buy one of these military inspired purses from Kate Spade:

Fox Chapel Charlie by Kate Spade (comes in Black, Camel, and Geranium)

 Fox Chapel Renee (in Black and Camel)

Fox Chapel Shari (in Black, Camel, and Geranium)

Who needs a military jacket (or man) when you have one of these? 
Have a great Monday y'all!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Beaus for Winter

Hey Preps!

A little eye candy for you...
(from left to right: Rob, Gray, Ty, and Pat at Polo for Kids 2011)

...yes, I am occasionally graced with their presence...and fashion sense.  

As you can see, they are all terrific at rocking the late summer/ early fall 'prep' look.  Each wearing colorful chino pants, and classic Vineyard Vine/ Southern Proper ties and bow ties.  However, it is time to transition to my favorite time of year for my wardrobe (not my weather condition preferences)...late fall/ early winter.

So what's a handsome gent to do?  If you fine men don't mind, may I make a suggestion (even though I will anyways)?

This summer, I came across a rising company based out of Annapolis, Starboard Clothing Company.  If you want the fine details, you can go to my earlier post by clicking here.  Long story short, Mr. Meredith knows how to rock the classic look with his creative bow ties that have unique names (one even named after the Naval Academy...The Midshipmen Beau), and has turned it into a successful business.

With plans to release a Fall/Winter 2011 Collection soon, I thought I would show you a few of Starboard Clothing Co.'s 'retired' beaus that have lead to my great anticipation of the upcoming collection:
(all beau photos courtesy of Starboard Clothing Co.'s website)
Harvard Classic Tweed Beau
I am such a sucker for tweed, this beau is perfect for the winter, and is a very fun and polished addition to any classic wonder why it is sold out!
Meredith Private Tartan Beau
Named after Mr. Meredith himself, this beau is my favorite of the retired.  I love the colors within the beau as well as the woven wool material that makes tartan so unique.  This is old school classic.  I am in love.  

Rudolph Christmas Plaid Beau
It sure will be a Merry Christmas with a beau like this one around your neck...I love the festive colors entwined in this plaid flannel beau.  A FLANNEL BOW TIE. Need I say more? 

So, keep your eye on Starboard Clothing Co.'s website for the release of their collection! I am anxious to see what unique beaus Mr. Meredith thinks of next...and gents, do yourself a huge favor and invest in one of these!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Doodling...the Prep Way

Hey Preps!

Something that cannot be avoided when taking notes in class is doodling (for me at least).  Even if it is drawing a simple shape or retracing words, I always have to be moving in class.  No, it usually is not because I am bored out of my mind...only occasionally does that happen.  Yet, something I learned early on in college is that I learn best when writing.  Flash cards are found abundantly throughout my desk drawers, because drawing diagrams and re-writing notes is the way I study.  In class, I need to be doing something while paying attention, or else I will get distracted.  So what's a girl to do? Doodle of course!

Trust me when I say, I am still extremely interactive with my class and professor, but doodling helps me focus.  Since my freshman year of college, what I love to doodle more than anything are my 'outfits of the day'.  It's like using Polyvore in my notebook! I have always had the idea to scan them and edit them on a computer, but never have taken the time to research a good software to use.

This weekend I discovered that Gant Rugger's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection beautifully illustrated (doodled) by Andrew Mashanov, an Advertising senior graduating from The University of Management in Moscow.  So being the creep that I am, I googled him.  Wouldn't you know he likes Duckboots too?
How cool is this?  Doodles turned into something really cool!  I am hooked...and need to learn how to turn my doodles into something blog-worthy (exactly what I need to be doing with 22 hours of classes this semester).

So after musing over Mashanov's illustrations, I found yet another great blog that has some great preppy illustrations, Coco Draws.  Check out her illustration of Hunter Boots:

Coco Draws also has a shop that you can buy the illustrations.  I may have to invest in the green version of the Hunter Boots...for these illustrations have inspired me to start doing something similar.  Maybe doodling is more beneficial than just helping me pay attention in class!  

Maybe it's this fall break that is giving me all this new-found inspiration.  Either way, these are fabulous!  
Hope y'all are having a great start to the week!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Meow!

Hey Preps!

Six mid-terms later... and it's fall break!  Not only fall break, but the best time of year in my community that involves crafts, foods, and SALES on Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, and Vineyard Vines...I am in heaven.  Everyone in college comes back for the weekend, and it is just a great time to see everyone you haven't seen in forever.

So finally it feels like fall, and here's what I'm rockin' today:
Rugby Polo Shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Pants
L.L. Bean Ankle Boots
Military inspired jacket

It took me forever to take pictures today because my kitty kept trying to get in all the action...Meow!
Have a fabulous fall weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Senior Struggles...and Inspiration

Hey Preps!

It has been a week since I wrote a post.  Yikes.  Forgive me?  Can I please at least explain?

This week has consisted of:
35 hours of work...all resulting in 5am wake-ups.
5 mid-terms, and 1 to go. (yes I know I should spell out five and one...but I'm not going to...except I just did...ugh)

Excuse me.  I was told senior year is easy. WHEN?

Because it's not going that way right now.  I am completely swamped.  Swamped to the point that I write this post and am disgusted with how ADHD and grammatically incorrect it is.  School is overpowering my creativity.  That seldom happens.  Yet every sentence I write, I know exactly what I am doing wrong.  School honestly is a creativity destroyer.  It's like the Reaper of blogging, I swear...

That reminds me of a quote from Einstein: "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education".  In many ways I agree with this statement...for example, I write about the things my professors want me to, attend classes I wouldn't if it wasn't a requirement, and find myself learning more about myself in the quiet hours of writing on my own, contemplating who I am and what I want in my life.

Don't get me wrong, I believe a college education is extremely important.  Furthermore, I believe that graduate school is just as important in today's society in order to achieve a high paying job and live the American dream.  However, parts of me feel as if everything will work out in my life.  Maybe that is a trivial statement, but as I enter my last semester and a half of undergrad, I am more at peace than ever.  I know who I am, and now know what I want...and no one can take that from me.

Trust me, I still work hard...gosh. I am exhausted from how much effort I put into school.  I meet with professors to perfect theses for papers, I barely sleep to do everything I need to, yet I now know that in less than a year, I will be free to start achieving my life goals.

I will not settle. Ever. I want my life to be an ever-growing experience.  I want to constantly learn, play, experience, and strive for more.

As many of you know, Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder recently passed away.  I was talking with a professor after class one day about my life goals, and she had me stay and watch one of his speech's that he gave at Stanford's commencement a few years back.  It was such an inspirational and motivating speech to hear for me.  I thought I would share it with you...and hope you can gain the same thing from it as I did.  He truly knew how to live life to the fullest.

We are blessed with every single day we are given...why not live it to the best of our abilities?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forget the Freshman Fifteen

Hi Preps!

Good Morning to y'all!  Let me fill you in on something that I have not told any of you.  I get up at 5am almost every day.  Why? Heck! Today I couldn't tell you.  I practically sleepwalked out of bed, but here I am, already an hour and a half into my day.

So, here's the something I haven't told you:  I work at a gym.  It's a side job to my internship and school...and I love it.  Sometimes I don't love the mornings, but being in a gym is definitely my atmosphere.

Someone requested that I do a post on fitness and nutrition, and although I am a certified fitness instructor, please feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt...Before I start though, let me tell you about my own personal journey to finding my own balance in the world of fitness and nutrition:

18 years old.  College freshman.  Recruited D1 swimmer.

Easy to stay fit right?  Wrong.

Upon going to college, my mom had always cooked healthy meals for my family.  I ate the same turkey sandwich and veggies for lunch, and there was rarely a time that a chip entered my mouth.  Then, college came, and the Cafeteria was a glorious place for a little girl who had never been allowed to eat french fries and cookies at the same time.

I even specifically remember mentioning to a fellow swimmer, "YOU CAN EVEN GET ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST IF YOU WANT"!  My coach, and second dad soon corrected me, in front of the whole team.  I never pulled that stunt again, but I did drastically change my eating habits.

Pizza, fried food, desserts, and late night snacking led to a 25 lb weight gain from August to January.  Yes. I am not kidding you.  Not to mention I was a D1 athlete who spent hours working out a day.  Why weren't my tiny jeans fitting me anymore?

This past May, I took in a few dresses to get hemmed.  One I bought for a formal that occurred spring of my freshman year...I had dropped four dress sizes since then.

Now I will say that in high school, I was ungodly skinny.  So 25 lb was not a huge gain in terms of looks, but let me tell you, going home in January and people noticing a chubbier Kalyn, made me really take things into my own hands.

So what did I do?

I started off with eating well again.  Spinach salads with vinegar, veggies, fruit, lean proteins.  This morning I am eating an apple, two egg whites, a protein shake, and nuts.  However, this may be too much for someone who doesn't exercise like I do.

What I recommend from a food standpoint in five meals a day.  Breakfast being the largest with whole grains, protein, and fruit.  I love Greek yogurt and oatmeal...and I would recommend eating a hard-boiled egg or two in the morning.  I also am a fan of protein shakes but I won't go into detail about those...just make sure if you are going to use protein that you have professional opinions on what you decide to take.

As for lunch and dinner, I would keep them lighter making sure you have lots of veggies and lean protein in each.

Snacks should consist of 5-10 nuts (like almonds), an apple, or some veggies like snap peas or cellary.

Trust me, there are times where I indulge in ice cream or a waffle...whatever, I don't completely limit myself to these things because if I did, I would binge...but consistently eating healthy will pay off, I promise.

So here comes the big stuff...the exercising...

With so many beliefs on what is best when it comes to exercising, I honestly would have to say that you need to find what works best for you.  It's okay to start off slow, especially if you haven't been working out for a while...
Maybe do 30 minutes on the elliptical with weights?  However, what is key here is getting into a routine.  Force yourself to go.  Experts say that the first 15 minutes are the hardest, and I agree...but man, I feel great when I'm finished.  Read up on weight programs and cardio programs.

Here is what I did today for my workout:
5 mile run (intervals, which means parts were jogged parts were sprinted)
Legs (both machine weights, squatting, and free weights...I do pyramid sets so 5 sets: repping 12, 10, 8, 6, and back up to 15)
Sprint sets of 0.50 between each leg machine/exercise
30 minute stretch (to build lean muscles and allow myself to do it all again tomorrow)

I promise with a little effort, you will see huge results.  Plus, it makes you confident and less worried about your flaws!

Questions?  E-mail me!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Got that 'Tude

Hey Preps!

Ever have those days where...your coffee spills, you drop your wallet in a get peanut butter all over your pants, and just when you don't think your day can get anymore dramatic... two extremely loud, giggly, gossip girl teenagers interrupt your homework and green tea time?

Oh yeah.  It's been one of those days.  Rainy. Cold. Monday. Mid-Terms (say what?!).

In a nutshell, this is how I am feeling currently...
Oh and the two gossip girls just became three...and the volume increased by 210%
Exactly. No estimate.

So today, I'm just gonna stick to focusing on my green tea and pandora time while I attempt to make some flash cards.  

Happy Monday to y'all!