Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grammar is Risky Business

Hey Preps!

Diction. Noun Phrases. Modifiers. Prepositional Phrases. Subordinate Clauses.

"Get me out of here!
Dude, the notes on the board look like graffiti to me.  No, I don't know whether what you wrote is a Complex or Simple sentence...

Whoa slow down, what modifies the verb? Why?" 

Struggling. What does that modify Mr. Professor? I have the answer...nothing!  I just made it a one word sentence though.  Can you do that? Bet not!  

Mid-term grades showed up on my school's online portal system today.  I was rockin' all A's...except for my Intermediate Writing class.  Intermediate being the modifier or other words NOT ADVANCED.  Now why did I take Intermediate Writing since I'm a Biochemistry major? Well, because I enjoy writing.

My grammar and sentence structuring need a ton of work.  I am well aware of my insufficient writing skills in that area...but gosh, Mr. Professor loses me every single time!

So, there in class I sat...looking at the sentences on the board and laughing because they all seemed correct to me.  


Outfit of the Day:
Oversized Polo Ralph Lauren Button-Down Oxford (I wear it on lazy reminds me of Tom Cruise's shirt that he rocks out to in Risky Business)
Jeggings (also for lazy days)
Hunter Boots

On a positive note, I was stoked it rained today...why? Wellies...woohoo.  Candy apple red Hunter Boots.  I just stared at them all of writing class.  "At least these cuties got my back (or my feet)".  Yes, I do refer to my clothes with human terminology occasionally.  Today was just one of those days...

Oh, and I have officially concluded:  Thursdays are way worse than Mondays.  It's the fourth day, you're tired and the weekend is riiiiiiiight there but you somehow can't grasp it yet.  

Promise I'm not at all in a bad mood! Just extremely sarcastic today. Thanks to Mr. Professor!

Hope y'all are having great weeks!


Grace said...

I totally agree with you about Thursdays! And I love your outfit; I do a similar formula on my lazy days.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and my boyfriend also goes to USNA. Definitely understand the frustrations of a long distance relationship.

'Writing Tools,' by Roy Peter Clark is one of my favorite books to flip through when I can't seem to get any words onto the page. Clark doesn't parse sentences with you, but instead gives you tools that improve and clean up your sentences. Should be able to pick up a used copy for $10 or less.

nicole @ simply nicole said...

I absolutely love my Hunters! I have a pair in black and wear it all winter long, especially because the Philadelphia area is one big snow storm.

Kristine Elizabeth said...

Love the outfit! I wore something very similar today :)
I left you an award over on my blog!

Have a great week!

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