Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas: In A Dress (Hasselbeck Agrees)

Hey Preps!

Have you ever checked out Lands End Canvas?  If the answer is No, you should.  When describing Lands End Canvas, I see the classic foundations of Lands End that every classic fashionista adores, with a bit of a modern flare.

For a college girl, it is hard to sometimes find attire that doesn't always look (what Pat's friends call) "mom".  You want to have clothes you can wear when going out,  but still stick to your classic means.  Lands End Canvas offers such a clothing line, and with reasonable prices.

Yesterday, I made a Lands End Canvas transaction, and purchased this particular dress:

I find this dress to be so fun, and appropriate for the upcoming winter holidays and the events they entail.  The cut of the dress is my definition of classic, and the length is appropriate to wear to lots of different functions.  The plaid pattern is playful, and I absolutely love the color combination!

Who else also is in love with this dress?

None other than ABC's The View's, Elisabeth Hasselbeck...a style icon of mine.  She was wearing the dress on the show this morning...making my investment in the same dress even higher up on the list of things I did right this week.  

It definitely is the end of the semester...I am swamped, and sick.  Hope y'all are having lovely weeks though!


Grace said...

I definitely need to look there more! Loving that dress; it will be so cute for holiday events.

The City Boy said...

that is a great dress. you could even do a turtleneck under it if it was really cold.

hope the end of the semester goes well!

Anonymous said...

I bought the dress too, I love it... but the one Elizabeth was wearing on the show today was a little different!!

Clothes Karma said...

Hey, fellow Pittsburgher! I'm always looking for fashion blogs from locals and was so happy when I stumbled upon your site! Our styles are very different but after seeing your pics, I now want to run out and buy a navy blazer :)

Clothes Karma

westofprep said...

I love this! People are always accusing me of dressing like a "mom" or overly "prude." I dress how I dress, and can't help it if I love classic lines and cuts! Its always nice to find more youthful silhouettes, being only 18 I like to dress somewhat my age!

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