Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts for Your Gent

Hey Preps!

Last night was an emotional one.  Do you ever have those nights where you just want to cry for no reason? Yup one of those nights.  Was it the fact that break went by too quickly?  OR was it the fact that this week I have a big grown-up girl interview for after I graduate college?  Maybe it was the fact that Patrick finds out what he is getting for Service Selection this week...

What is Service Selection?  It is when the First Class (seniors) at any Service Academy finds out what they will be doing for the following "X" amount of years (depending on what they are selected for).  Pat so badly wants to be a pilot.  He has done everything right during his years there to ensure this happens, however, is it enough?  Will the Navy look at his qualifications and put him in a position that he will be thrilled to serve our country doing?

I don't know.  No one knows.  It's terrible that at night I can't sleep anymore because of worrying that he will end up having to do something he hates. I am so stubborn that having a job doing something I hate would not flow well with my personality. Putting myself in Pat's shoes, I worry he will be miserable.  I truly do.

Little detour from where I was going with this, so let me bring you back...the point is, last night was an emotional roller coaster.  Guess who got the brunt of it?  Patrick.

So he called, and I was already crying.  Poor kid, he was NOT too happy to hear me sniffling over the phone to him.  Yet, he took the wrath of Kalyn.  Sure he made it known that he was really not happy about me crying but he sat there and listened (and knowing Pat rolled his eyes or played with something so he didn't have to listen the whole time...which is definitely a good thing).

Then, Pat slowly eased me into new conversations...and by the end of the phone call, normal happy Kalyn was back.

So my point is Pat puts up with a lot.  Soooo, in honor of his putting up with a lot, I made a Polyvore with Christmas gifts inspired by him...

Gifts For Him

Barbour Hip Flask

Burberry Check Billfold Wallet
$265 -

Mens Canvas & Leather Belt
$75 -

Decadent red tartan tie
$70 -

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Larger Size
$145 -

Allistair Willow and Canary from Kiel James Patrick
$40 -

First on the list, a Tartan button-down from J.Crew.  Boy, am I a sucker for Tartan during Christmas time.  It's so cozy and festive (and nice to touch).  Definitely a shirt I would encourage any lady to give to her gent.

Bean Boots are perfect for winter seasons.  I honestly couldn't survive the hasty snow and ice of Pennsylvania winters without why not ensure your beau's toes stay toasty as well and buy him a pair?  Plus, Bean Boots are up there on the list of "sexiest things a guy could wear according to Kalyn".  Thought I'd mention that.  Take it as you wish.

Flasks are fun.  Tacky line, but so true...I really enjoy the needlepoint flasks from Smathers&Branson, and think they are a great gift to give the Fraternity Bro...or someone who wishes he were in a Frat, kind of like my boyfriend.  

Gents wear through wallets.  You fine young men out there really abuse those things.  You sit on them flip them wide open so they are the flimsiest poor excuses of wallets I've ever seen.  I honestly look at mens' wallets and have sympathy for them.  That being said, a guy can always stock up on a wallet or two, so he has a few lined up waiting their turn in the torture chamber known as a Gents' back pocket.

Belts.  I love them.  Probably my favorite have so many to choose from, ribbon belts, needlepoint belts, canvas, name it.  They are a fun gift to give, and definitely a way you can be creative to fit your man's style.

Speaking of Tartan, how about a Tartan tie?  The one on the Polyvore is great. I love the colors used, and definitely think this would be a great gift to give a guy for Christmas.

Pat has strict guidelines on what he can/cannot wear with his uniform. So, last year I bought him this very same Lacoste watch as a fun present.  He can wear it on weekends, and it adds a little extra flare to the boring watches the Mids have to wear during the week.

My favorite type of Ray-Bans?  The Clubmasters.  Especially on guys.  Talk about making me melt.

Kiel James Patrick bracelets are fun for guys to wear.  I really find them cute, and a great little gift to give a guy on Christmas.

So there you have it.  My personal guide to Christmas gifts for your Gent.  
Keep Pat in your prayers...he finds out his Service Selection in less than two days...yikes!

P.S.  No, Pat...these are none of your gifts.  Way sneakier than that!


Grace said...

Great suggestions; I think I might be getting the KJP bracelet for someone on my list! I'll keep Pat in my prayers, too. :)

The City Boy said...

you but together a great gift take anything on it. In fact, I already have those exact bean boots you picked!

A.U.G. said...


All of these are exceptional! I especially like the flask from Barbour. Hope finals are going well for you!

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