Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gym Talk: Common Mistakes

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Just walked into the gym...for the third time today.  This time, to work.  One of "my usuals" as I so fondly call them, walks up to the desk I sit at in the fitness center and says: "what a slacker".  Then he smiles as he anticipates my explosion of a rebuttal.  

"Excuse me, but I worked out for two and a half hours already today.  If anyone's a slacker it's you."

Mind you, this usual is the chief police officer of my town.  Yeah, I have guts...and he finds my feisty opinions refreshing I think.  

He responds, "Oh Kalyn, I just like getting you fired up before your shift".  

Too bad I already was.  One thing I can't stand is laziness.  Sure, I have days where both ends of the candle were burnt to the point I must, for my health, take a lazy day.  That is completely different than what I am about to explain.  

As a fitness instructor, and personal trainer (in training)...I see a few common flaws in the people who make use of the gym.  Sure, I will give them credit for showing up and getting on that treadmill or elliptical.  However, if you are looking to get in shape...there is a lot more to it than just that.

Someone today said to me as I was leaving the gym, "Eat a cheeseburger".  Usually I find that funny, but today I didn't.  Guess what?  I eat cheeseburgers.  I am not saying I swing by McDonald's for a Big Mac daily, but I do on occasions eat poorly...but really? That comment was not necessary.  Why?  Because I work.  I work hard to stay in shape.

Last night in a class that I teach, a few members were being...lazy.  There, I said it.  They weren't staying on pace, and refused to do anything too hard.  Worse of all, they decided to talk during one of the hardest circuits that they opted not to do.  I snapped.  I looked over at them, as I was drenched in sweat and said:

"Look at me, I am soaked...THIS IS NOT PRETTY GIRL SWEAT!"

The whole class lost it.  They were dying with laughter.  Not funny, but okay my sarcasm got the best of them.  

So back to my rant, a lot of people want to know what I do to stay in shape.  So I am going to be blunt and say I work my butt off.  I am in the gym consistently 6 times a week.  I teach classes on top of that.  I don't just get on the treadmill and coast...no I am sprinting, doing intervals, sweating and pushing myself each day.  

There are days I don't want to run...I do it anyways.  I push myself, and I SWEAT.  One common mistake I see especially women doing is this:  they get on a cardio machine and they hardly even move.  They go so slow with no resistance or incline and they think they are getting a good workout in.  YOU'RE NOT.  To get the results you want, you have to work for it.  That means pain, sweat, and getting up and pushing yourself even when you want to stay in bed.

Listen, I feel your pain...I have 22 hours of school this semester, I work mornings, nights, and teach classes.  I am so busy.  Sleeping in on the weekends is the only way I make it through...trust me, I really don't like going to the gym sometimes, but I do it anyways.  So guess what?  I don't have sympathy for you if you don't feel like it either.  

Rome wasn't built in a day folks.

Okay so second common mistake I see...girls don't want to lift heavy.  Yes, you.  I see you lifting that dinky 3 or 5 lb. weight. Guess what? Your purse weighs more than that.  

"But I don't want to get big muscles"

Listen, you are not going to bulk up in one day.  The way you get rid of fat is by building muscle.  You don't build muscle if you are lifting something that is too easy for you.  The fastest way to have good results is to lift heavier than you are used to.  It is supposed to hurt the next day.  It is supposed to hurt when you are lifting...plus, muscle burns fat...so the more muscle you have...the better your metabolism is.  Just sayinnnn.

So there you have it...my rant about what people do wrong at the gym.  I feel much better now.  

Just remember, it's not ever going to be pretty girl sweat; but it has it's benefits.  Like looking killer in a dress when you aren't sweating?

Hope y'all are having a great week...working off all that stuffing and pumpkin pie!  
Thanks for reading this crazy feisty post!


Grace said...

I hear you, Kalyn! I row, and the volleyball and cheerleading girls at my school act like I'm crazy, but it's worth it!

Kelly said...

The whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh_yc6AKXLI

Definitely agree with your post!

Red Rubber Wellingtons said...

Oh good, you wear red Rubber Wellingtons too, I love them, I think that they are really Girly.

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