Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bean Boots

Hey Preps!

Today I had schoolwork overload, and opted for playing on my Sketchbook instead of doing homework.    A while back, I posted about my love of doodling, and it's benefits of keeping me focused in class.  My class binders are filled with tiny doodles embedded in my notes.  It truly is the perfect distraction to keeping me focused in class...if that makes sense.  For example, today in my philosophy class...I doodled the outfit I was wearing, but was able to answer every question my professor tormented us with.  That slight distraction is my way of paying attention (without shaking my legs...which is my alternative option).

Anyways, Sketchbook is much harder than a simple doodle... especially when using the mouse on my Macbook.  I guess I don't have steady enough hand to be a pro at Sketchbook yet, but I'm working on it. Please excuse the kindergarten artwork above, but I am still proud of my attempted Bean Boots nonetheless.

Still am trying to figure out a way I can incorporate my sketches with an online program.  Any ideas?

Sorry for the random post, just had to show off my latest accomplishment (if I dare even call it that)!
Hope y'all are having great weeks!


Grace said...

I think it looks cute! I totally know what you mean about doodling to stay focused.

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