Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Outfit Fit for Santa

Hey Preps!
(Outfit of the Day: Calvin Klein Cardigan, J.Crew Blouse, 
J. Crew Tweed/Sparkly Skirt, Alfani Flats, Sparkly Bow Headband)

I love this tweed skirt.  It is the perfect balance of traditional and festive with the classic tweed combined with a hint of tinsel like sparkle.  I kept my top simple with a white frilled blouse and simple red cardigan (that has crystal buttons...adding to the festive look).  Simple gray tights helped to keep the attention on the skirt, finishing simple black flats with a hint of beaded detail and a sparkly bow headband to keep the holiday look in mind.

Today I was thinking, and here are a few of the things I already am thankful for this Christmas:
Family Christmas parties, Santa appearances, Christmas decorations and music,
Eating too much, Wine,
No school or work, The first big snow of the year, skiing, wrapping presents,
Giving, Snuggling, Singing, Relaxing...
Friends, Family, and my puppy.

That being said...hope y'all are having great times with family and friends,
and that you had a safe a blessed weekend!


Raquel said...

Cute outfit!

Abby said...

Your outfit is too cute! I especially love your skirt!

The City Boy said...

i like your outfit! You are lucky to be on break already!

Grace said...

Cute outfit! Sounds like you have a great break planned! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me asking but how do you keep your teeth so white - do you bleach them or use white strips? Also, do you go tanning or use a sunless tanner? You look beautiful!

pittsburghprepster said...

Hi Anon,

I have used white strips in the past but not for quite a while (since i got my braces off in 7th grade) I do use whitening toothpaste, and a well as an electric toothbrush. Maybe that's the key? As for tanning, I am not a huge fan of fake tanning...I do on occasion for certain events but not usually in the winter...I just use a bronzing lotion and a bronzing powder on my face to give me a little glow in the winter!

Kathie Truitt said...

I LOVE the way you wear makeup. YOu must have picked that up from the south because when I moved to the East Coast one of the things I was so dismayed by was the fact that so many women don't wear it and seem to be proud of that. And then as I write that I realize it sounds like I'm cutting down Northern women and I'm not...but there are a few preppy, Northern bloggers who have been very adamant that a preppy woman NEVER wears makeup. And honestly, I found it sad because I think everyone looks better with at least a little bit.

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