Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Essentials: to Keep You Classic and Cozy

Hey Preps!

Yep. It's finals week.  I'm sick, tired, delirious, and look like a mess...
Pretty much locked myself in the library today.  I feel stupid.  I mean, how much can I honestly forget in three months? Somehow I managed to forget a lot...and here I this hot, stuffy, overpopulated facility that doesn't let you even have a sip of water (which I learned today when I was thoroughly scolded for taking a gulp) or speak.  Listen: I have ADHD...I have to have a slight distraction in order to stay focused.  For example, a water break helps me to piece up my studying between gulps...that way I can refocus on the next thing.  Usually I listen to acoustic music as a little bit of a background noise...but today all I hear are sick college peers sniffling next to me.  Do not sniffle on me kid, okay?

So, I have resorted to chewing my pen and hitting it on my head.  Yes, it is the only thing helping me to focus.  Sure kids think I'm weird...but I feel as if my reputation of being a weirdo has already been enacted, so I'm going to keep on doing it.

In midst of a study break, I managed to make a quick Polyvore of some winter essentials that I think we all might be needing come January.  I don't even want to think about January, and school, and cold icy wind tunnels that consist of my walking commutes to my classes...but apparently January seems a little less depressing than this Philosophy final that I am about to embark on:
Winter Staples

Tommy Hilfiger wrap top
£205 -

J Crew cable knit sweater
$228 -

J Crew j crew cardigan
$168 -

Tommy Hilfiger pea coat
£250 -

J Crew tweed jacket
$300 -

J Brand skinny jeans
$180 -

J Crew long pencil skirt
$128 -

Lands End skirt

Tory Burch kitten heels
£415 -

$164 -

J.Crew wedge heels
$138 -

Lands End ballerina flat
$15 -

Lands' End sunglasses

I really don't have time to explain my Polyvore, but I will say that in winter my goal is to stay warm, practical, classic, festive, and dry.  

To those of you taking finals, best of luck! To those of you finished taking finals, congrats!  To those of you not in college, be glad you aren't in my Philosophy class!  

Have a blessed day y'all!


Kristine Elizabeth said...

That Tommy wrap sweater is amazing! Good luck on your finals :)

Kristen said...

LL Bean Boots are a must when you live in a place with cold, wet weather! Love mine!

Also I'm loving those red flats from cheap!

Kate said...

I always chew my pens too. Or bend them/break them. Oops!

Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

aw girl I feel for you =(
Good luck!!! Almost done!

Grace said...

I agree; all of these are a must! Best of luck with your finals!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am also ADHD and earplugs are my saving grace. My dad is a airline pilot and he gives them to me, but you can always find them online.

A.U.G. said...

K. you are not "ADHD!" If you only knew how many times I got up from my desk or stretch and deviated from the task at hand. It is the only way to take sometime away re-focus and then conquer! Best of luck in your finals!

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