Friday, November 25, 2011

What I'm Wishing For

Hey Preps!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and there is exactly a month until Christmas.  The holidays surely have crept up on me this year, and before I can truly enjoy them...there are quite a lot of papers to be written, tests to be taken, and chapters upon chapters to be read.  Yet, the anticipation of Christmas always seems to make the last few weeks of the semester a little bit 'cheery-er'.

So, even though I turned on my computer to attempt a paper...I ended up writing a new post instead.  It is so much easier for me to write about something I love.  My blog is a passion of mine.  An outlet.  My fun thing I treat myself to when the homework is done.  Yet, why can't I seem to have the same passion when writing a nine page paper for a class I dislike?

Anyways, that's besides the point.  The point is we have 30 days until Christmas!  That is it!  Eeeeeek!
Excitedly, I have started putting together some Polyvores themed with gifts.  I thought I would start off the gift ideas with a Polyvore of items I would be thrilled to receive this Christmas:
Christmas List 2011

J Crew cable knit sweater
$178 -

J Crew trench coat
$250 -

J.Crew waterproof boots
$178 -

Tory Burch ballet flat
$235 -

Kate spade handbag
$177 -

Michael kors watch

J.Crew retro sunglasses
$420 -

C. Orrico Lilly Pulitzer Toasty Mittens Hotty Pink The Gangs All Here
$48 -

So what's on my list?

The first item, is a Cable-knit sweater...I already have a few, but you can never go wrong with a traditional and cozy sweater.  The color of the one on my Polyvore (found at J. Crew) is really playful, and could definitely jazz up a simple gray pencil skirt, or a pair of works with any look you are going for.  

Next on the list, is a military-inspired trench coat (also from J. Crew).  I love the royal blue color of this jacket, as well as the way it can be tied to show off your waist, while staying warm.  I always feel when I am dressing for the colder months that I look like a big puff ball in all of my layers.  This jacket would be a perfect way to avoid my typical puff ball look.  Practical and cute, that's my kind of clothing!

Speaking of practical and cute, Sperry Top-sider has the cutest Sheerwater Boots.  They are waterproof and have wool inside.  Plus the traction on them is great for any college girl dealing with the icky snow.  I have a pair of plaid ones that I am obsessed with, but I need a median between my Bean Boots, and my plaid Sheerwater Boots, so I am asking for this fun, pink lined one for Christmas.

As a prep, there are some times where you just have to add a little sparkle to your outfit.  What better way than adding a pair of sparkly, scaled, Tory Burch flats to your wardrobe?  

Going down the list, the Kate Spade military inspired purse comes up again.  I love this purse so much that I even wrote a recent post on it.  I would love to see this under the tree Christmas morning.

I love watches.  ADHD is so much better managed with watches.  I actually have a problem that I like to call "phantom watch syndrome", where I accidentally look at my wrist to check the time even though I'm not wearing my watch.  Therefore, I think this Michael Kors watch is calling my name.  I love the turtoise patterning of it, and think it very versatile.

Next on the list, a pair of retro shades.  I have been dying to try a pair of early 60's inspired shades like these.  Definitely something unique, that can dress up a winter outfit.

Pink and green plus Lilly Pulitzer, in a warm mitten?  I love the C. Orrico mittens in the winter collection on Lilly's website.  They would be such a fun accessory that would make the winter months a little bit more manageable.

Finally, what could be preppier than the bangle by Lilly Pulitzer?  I love the pink and gold color combination, as well as the fish-scale look!  This would be such a fun gift to receive, don't you think?

Concluding, I still could go without all of these items and still be happy.  I truly can't wait for more time with my huge family and amazing friends this Christmas.  Still feeling extra blessed today.

What is on your Christmas list?


Grace said...

That pink cable-knit pullover is so cute! You can't go wrong with Revas, either!

The City Boy said...

all those jcrew picks are great. I have my eye on a lot of stuff at jcrew as well. They sell belstaff quilted jackets and I think I must buy one

little miss southern love. said...

I love this wish list! I also have revas on my list!


Kate said...

That coat is gorgeous! Great wishlist

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