Friday, November 4, 2011

Flannel Fridays

Hey Preps!

It is Friday! Finally, Friday!

After a week of way too much work, I am ready for the weekend.  Actually, I was ready for the weekend four days ago.  Agree?

Fridays at my previous college were more than just 'finally', they were known as "Flannel Fridays".  You bet your bottom dollar that a solid 30% of the population rocked the plaid flannel button-downs every Friday starting in late Fall...the statement "Thank God it's not just Friday, but Flannel Friday" resonated throughout campus as the entire student body awaited the release from their last class of the week.

So today, given the appropriate weather conditions...I am repping the flannel button-down.  Flannel Fridays is taking a stand once again in my life, and I can't agree more with Flannel Friday's motto.

Flannel Fridays

Sometimes I think flannel can feel a little boyish on a girl, so to balance out the menswear I paired it with a suede mini skirt, and cinched it with a skinny leather belt.  Tory Burch boots are a weekend staple of mine in the fall, as well as a simple and chic bag such as the Dooney & Bourke one shown above.

So join with me in the tradition of celebrating Flannel Fridays...and...

Thank God it's not just Friday, but Flannel Friday.

Happy weekend y'all! God bless.


Maggie @ Cheap&Chic said...

i love flannel! super comfy and warm. sadly, it's not cold enough to celebrate flannel friday here today, but my favorite way to wear them is with super skinny jeans and boots with legwarmers.

The City Boy said...

i have a few flannel button downs that i need to start wearing. I LOVE those boots!

Caitlin C. said...

I lovee flannels! So comfy and always makes me think of Christmas :)

Grace said...

What a cute look! I totally need a new flannel shirt for winter.

Anonymous said...

Can you please do a post on how you do your makeup? It looks so good in all of your pictures! :)

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