Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Thunderstorms?

Hey Preps!

Last night...I couldn't sleep.  My throat felt yucky, my pup took up the middle of the bed (as usual), and it was thundering outside?

Yes, thundering in November.  Not that I'm complaining because thunder means warmer weather...and one of the reasons why I initially moved South for college was to avoid walking to class in the freezing cold...

Yet, something I look forward to is a chilly Thanksgiving and snowy Christmas...so I can't believe I'm asking this...but weather...could ya please be chilly JUST on Thanksgiving?  We can be warm the rest of the year, and I will be content but sheesh I don't want my Turkey to sweat all of it's juices out instead of cooling off from the oven...(okay maybe a tad too sarcastic)

So thunder usually means rain...and you bet it just had to rain on the only day all of my classes need me to bounce from building to building on campus...

Yet, I am not one of those girls who squeamishly sprints out of fear of getting a droplet of rain on her precious hair-do.  Nope.  I like puddles...I purposely splash in them.  It's like playing in the leaves (only not as much fun). Today I may have purposely splashed a few of those little squealing girls too (shh don't tell!).


Sorry, but if you are one of these girls...just tone it down a few notches.  Sure, nobody likes ruining their hair or getting wet...but as a former swimmer...I didn't have a choice.  So therefore, if my hair turns into a big curly rat's nest.  Oh well.  This too shall pass.  I'm not gonna scream about it.  Plus, the gents would also like their eardrums not to be ringing every time they have to endure the rain either.  So, if you're trying to make a gent swoon over you...don't squeal. Please?

Keep Calm and Carry On.  It's a way of life.  So live it, and splash in those puddles a little bit.

I mean I'm not asking you to get soaked playing in mud puddles all day, but grab a pair of Wellies, and enjoy the thunderstorm in the middle of November.

That being said, I rocked my candy apple red Hunter Boots today.

Thunderstorm in November?

Yep, I love my Wellies.  I feel like I can handle anything Mother Nature throws at me in them.  Then I was feeling a tad bit lazy today (being drastically ill and all) and paired my Wellies with Jeggings...then I threw on a casual button-up from J. Crew...and kept dry with my Barbour jacket.  I added my Burberry clutch for a little of a fashionista twist...and was on my way to class.

Lazy, rainy, college day...turned prep.  Now go splash in some mud puddles!


Grace said...

Cute look! Great rainy day solution there.

westofprep said...

I love those red Hunters! I have purple ones, but something about that classic but loud red is too much fun. You're so right, they really can take anything - I wore mine to our football game Saturday in the snow!

Doux Rousse said...

Have you seen the Evedon bow wellies? You would LOVE them. http://www.douxrousse.com/2011/11/singing-in-rain.html

Doux Rousse

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