Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making Camo Heroic AND Fashionable

Hey Preps!
Would y'all look at that?
Caught. Red-handed...macking on my ridiculously debonair boyfriend.
He's wearing a bow-tie.  How could I even resist?

There truly is nothing a guy could wear that 'woos' me like a bow-tie.  I truly have an admiration for those who make the effort to wear them.  Think about it: a lot of guys don't know how to tie a bow-tie.  So they never wear them.  The guy who takes the time to learn, and wear an accessory that stands out above the norm...must have a gentleman's heart beneath his fashion statements... or at least I hope there is.  

A particular company, that I was introduced to within the past year...has stolen my heart when it comes to bow-ties.  I have written several posts on this company in the past; the last anticipating their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection of bow-ties (or beaus as they so rightfully call them).  Starboard Clothing Company is an up and rising clothing line, out of Annapolis, Maryland.  

How fitting considering that my bow-tie wooing boyfriend goes to the Naval Academy right?  

To find out more about Starboard Clothing Co.  feel free to read my posts about them by clicking here or there.  

So, the anticipation has finally ended, and Starboard Clothing Co. released their new collection last week (just in time for Christmas)!  I am quite impressed with the creativity and fabrics of the new well as the selflessness, owner/founder, Mr. Meredith, shows through his new collection.  Let me explain, and show you the new collection.  Sound peachy?

(all photos courtesy of Starboard Clothing Co.)
Selflessness is shown through Starboard Clothing Company's honor of our military.  This beau is inspired after the Digital Camo worn by the USMC, and a dear friend to Starboard Clothing Company, Corporal Travis Spires.  A portion of every beau sold will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  What a great way to honor our veterans, and our troops currently serving.  Not to mention that this beau is quite a standout from the crowd, and would be fun to buy for any veteran, serviceman, or hunter on your Christmas list.  SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, in a really fun way!

So here's the thing...I am in love with Houndstooth check patterns.  I have headbands, flats, and a skirt in this pattern, and find it incredibly fun to wear in the winter months.  What I find alluring about this beau is the classic yet incredibly 'go to hell'-ness of it that screams prep, as well as gives the impression that the one wearing such a beau is a good time.  Talk about good first impressions...

Listen up folks, this beau is Limited Edition.  Why?  It is an exclusive beau just for the Christmas season.  Let's get real gentlemen...why wouldn't you want to be rocking a beau like this during the holidays?  I am a huge sucker for flannel and plaid.  To have a thick flannel-like material combined with this perfect Christmas plaid...I'd have to say this is my favorite of the group.  Ladies, how fun would this be to give as a gift to your man? It makes me just want to tie one of these around Pat, throw on a huge chunky sweater...and curl up by the fire...too much info? Sorry, I miss him!

Another Limited Edition beau, that I ensure will sell fast...this beau is perfect for any occasion.  It can be worn in many versatile ways given the look you are going for.  It would be perfect with a navy blazer, but could be worn just fine with a casual button-down and sweater as well.  It reminds me of the pattern of a school jumper I wore as a uniform back in grade school.  Maybe why I am so fond of it?

Aren't y'all just loving all the plaid?  This beau is rightfully named after the famous philosopher Thomas Hobbes...whom of which I recently studied in a philosophy class.  How perfectly ironic!  The maroon, navy, and cream found in this beau are a lovely combination, and I would be proud to be in the presence of any gent who was wearing this beau.

I already miss summer.  I miss the beach, the barbecues, and the madras.  Apparently, so does Starboard Clothing Company.  They found a madras that works great in both the winter and summer months...just as I was losing hope of ever seeing the sun again...this beau gives us that glimpse of the light of summer at the end of the wintry tunnel.

So, gents...woo those ladies with a creative classic beau from Starboard Clothing Company!  


Anonymous said...

I found your blog via another blog via another blog, etc. I love it! I contacted Starboard Clothing Company, and I'm very impressed with what they are doing.

Thanks for posting this. I'm the wife of a Marine, and I will purchase from any company that gives back to our troops. Plus, their ties are gorgeous.

Grace said...

I can't resist a guy in a bowtie either, haha! The madras one is amazing.

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