Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Beaus for Winter

Hey Preps!

A little eye candy for you...
(from left to right: Rob, Gray, Ty, and Pat at Polo for Kids 2011)

...yes, I am occasionally graced with their presence...and fashion sense.  

As you can see, they are all terrific at rocking the late summer/ early fall 'prep' look.  Each wearing colorful chino pants, and classic Vineyard Vine/ Southern Proper ties and bow ties.  However, it is time to transition to my favorite time of year for my wardrobe (not my weather condition preferences)...late fall/ early winter.

So what's a handsome gent to do?  If you fine men don't mind, may I make a suggestion (even though I will anyways)?

This summer, I came across a rising company based out of Annapolis, Starboard Clothing Company.  If you want the fine details, you can go to my earlier post by clicking here.  Long story short, Mr. Meredith knows how to rock the classic look with his creative bow ties that have unique names (one even named after the Naval Academy...The Midshipmen Beau), and has turned it into a successful business.

With plans to release a Fall/Winter 2011 Collection soon, I thought I would show you a few of Starboard Clothing Co.'s 'retired' beaus that have lead to my great anticipation of the upcoming collection:
(all beau photos courtesy of Starboard Clothing Co.'s website)
Harvard Classic Tweed Beau
I am such a sucker for tweed, this beau is perfect for the winter, and is a very fun and polished addition to any classic wardrobe...no wonder why it is sold out!
Meredith Private Tartan Beau
Named after Mr. Meredith himself, this beau is my favorite of the retired.  I love the colors within the beau as well as the woven wool material that makes tartan so unique.  This is old school classic.  I am in love.  

Rudolph Christmas Plaid Beau
It sure will be a Merry Christmas with a beau like this one around your neck...I love the festive colors entwined in this plaid flannel beau.  A FLANNEL BOW TIE. Need I say more? 

So, keep your eye on Starboard Clothing Co.'s website for the release of their collection! I am anxious to see what unique beaus Mr. Meredith thinks of next...and gents, do yourself a huge favor and invest in one of these!

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...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Typical style in Grosse Pointe! I love when men aren't afraid to wear a little pink!

Check out blog for a monogram pashmina scarf from Marley Lilly! Good luck!

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

I love a bowtie!

The City Boy said...

surprisingly I have not pulled off a bow tie yet...maybe because I dont know how to tie them. Embarrassing, I know.

v-variety said...

came across your blog while I was looking for some fashion blog for work. It looks great here! You can visit my blog at http://piintz.blogspot.com

Grace said...

Aw, that is an amazing picture! Bow ties are so underrated where I live. :)

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Oh hi there bow ties! Love them!! I have seen starboard's website before. They have some great bow ties. xoox

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