Friday, July 22, 2011

Bow Ties with a Twist of Creativity

Hey Preps!

Today I was on Twitter, and came across Starboard Clothing Co., an Annapolis based company that specializes in bow ties for the sophisticated Gent.  From reading my past posts, you know my extreme support of those who dare to wear bow ties.  If you don't know my love for them, you can read my enthusiastic past post by clicking here.

Starboard Clothing Co.  is a very new company, starting in 2010 by creator and owner, Benjamin Meredith.  A full-time attorney, Mr. Meredith decided to start creating bow ties to give his typical business attire a bit of preppy flare.  From there, he took off with many friends asking for him to make them bow ties as about an inventive and successful man!

What is so unique about Starboard Clothing Co. is the culture entwined with each bow tie.  From gingham and seersucker bow ties, to tattersall and madras bow ties...everyone can find something they will fall in love with.

Of course I found a few that I fell in love with (and might purchase as future gifts for Pat).  Not only are these patterns my favorite, but the naming and thought behind each bow tie are exceptional.

"Annapolitan Patchwork Beau"
(all pictures courtesy of Starboard Clothing Co. website)

Starboard Clothing Co.'s Website States:
"The Annapolitan Patchwork Madras Beau is a personal favorite of our founder Ben Meredith. This bowtie features a fantastic set of madras prints that scream summer day on Mainstreet in Annapolis, Maryland.
Due to it's multicolored nature, this bowtie can be paired with almost any jacket or suit, but we'd recommend sticking with solids. You can never go wrong with a white dress shirt and navy blazer, but this tie is versatile enough to be worn with most solid linen and summer colored blazers."

Just from being in Annapolis so frequently, I have come to associate Madras with the summertime there. This bow tie truly does scream traditional Annapolis Style.  
"Navy Midshipmen Gingham Beau"

Starboard Clothing Co.'s Website States:

"The Navy Midshipmen Gingham Beau features a light-weight cotton Gingham fabric with a tight Navy Blue Gingham check. The bow itself is double interfaced for the perfect amount of "pop" to your bow.

This tie will look great with practically any suit or blazer. It's sure to be a favorite of those who live in or around Annapolis."

I find this bow tie perfect for any midshipmen.  The fact Mr. Meredith named this bow tie after them is just perfect, and it truly saddens me that they have to wear their uniforms to football games...for this would be the perfect bow tie to wear to such an event.  
"Lilly P. Tribute Beau"

Starboard Clothing Co.'s Website States:
"The Lily P. Tribute Beau features a mid-weight cotton fabric that ties easily and holds its shape all day.
I can easily recommend this as an addition to any wardrobe. It looks great with a White Shirt and a Navy Blazer and is perfect for those Spring and Summer weddings coming up on your calendar faster than you realize. This bow is also perfect to coordinate with your wife or girlfriend's favorite Lily Pulitzer dress."

Well Mr. Meredith, you sure did have your thinking cap on for this one.  I can't even count the amount of time I have wanted to buy Pat and bow tie that matched one of my Lilly dresses.  You nailed it.  I am certainly in love.  
"The Independence Beau"

Starboard Clothing Co.'s Website States:
"Made of 100% cotton the Independence Beau is the Starboard interpretation of a stars and stripes tie. With a simple red, white, an blue strip pattern, this beau will be a hit not only on the 4th of July, but all year round.
As always a blue blazer is perfect for this bow, but it's also fantastic for your favorite Seersucker Suit."

One thing that I do love about those who have classic style, is that they usually take great pride in our country.  This bow tie is the perfect example of so.  It's colors are versatile and can be worn regardless of whether it's an American celebration or not.  

In addition to these bow ties being a great addition to any preppy wardrobe, the prices are reasonable, and the creativity behind each bow tie really has caught my eye.  I would truly like to congratulate Starboard Clothing Co. on winning such a picky bow tie critic over.  I am incredibly impressed, and truly think they need the recognition they deserve.  

Definitely check Starboard Clothing Co. out!  
For the ladies, the have great nautical themed croakies you can sport:
And these bow ties are great gifts for any classy fellow!  
Hope y'all are having a great start to your weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a great find! I will be checking them out! Have a great weekend :)

richardwilkins said...

The floral printed bow ties is actually cute, I'm planning to have that to my fiance maybe she would love it together with her women suit.

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