Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anchored by J. Crew Flip Flops

Hey Preps!

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, I have been just traveling and working a ton!  Last week though, Mommy went Outlet shopping, and look what J. Crew had (for under $10)!  This is definitely "OLD" J. Crew...and they make me very happy...

Critter Flip Flops!
She got my Anchors (perfect for Annapolis) and Palm Trees!
I have been looking for these everywhere!

(Please excuse my gross...chipped nail polish...and injured feet.  I blame it on my weekly running mileage.)

Definitely check out J. Crew's Outlet Sale!
I know my flip flops will get me through this gloomy day full of Senior Research (and remind me of Pat)!  Stay tuned for a post I'm currently working on for tonight!  Hope y'all are having great weeks!


Abby said...

Hi from the other end of the state,

LOVE those flipflops!! I have them too. Such a great find.

The City Boy said...

a good "old" jcrew find! :)

Miss Lindsay said...

Love "old jcrew" finds!!

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