Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Beach...Some Where: Three Islands

Hey Preps!

As August quickly approaches, many are trying to fit in one final hoorah as they escape to their favorite beach getaways.  I have one friend off to Nantucket, another to the Keys, and their is one thing they both have been in search of...beach coverups!

As I was sitting at a wedding the other day (without air conditioning), my family all in Lilly, I was thinking that with the heat wave we were having, it would have been nice to have even a more lightweight fabric on than my dress.

So, I went on the search to find some great beach coverups and tunics that could double as a great lightweight dress or shirt.  This is what I found...

...A company called Three Islands.  For those of you watching the Bachelorette last week, you may have noticed one of Ames' brother-in-laws wearing a lightweight purple button-down shirt that was quite a flashy and gutsy thing to wear on national TV.  Good for him, for it was Three Islands!

Three Islands is inspired by coastal living, and their vibrant and convenient attire is modeled after their motto: "Color outside the lines".  They certainly did just so when creating their clothing line, and of course I have to show you a few of my favorites!

(all photos courtesy of Three Islands)
Julie Dress
This light-weight cap-sleeve dress is perfect for a hot summer day.  It comes in four different vibrant patterns, and is perfect to wear over a bathing suit...or alone with a pair of espadrilles. 
Kathleen Top
Perfect paired with a pair of linen pants or capris.  This top has no buttons and is a very casual fare that can be a fun summer option when looking for a little something extra to wear as a top.  

Beach Tunic Long
This tunic is conservative enough to wear as a dress!  Three quarter length sleeves, and the lightweight material makes it perfect for a night out in a beachy town.  Or a night anywhere suffering with last week's heat?

Beach Tunic Short
In my opinion, you can never have enough tunics.  These are just perfect for wearing over bathing suits to and from the beach/pool.  The patterns above are my favorite, but they come in other great patterns as well.  

For the men brave enough to wear Three Islands, here are a few of my favorite items:

Maybe you are too scared to wear the shirts offered by Three Islands?  These are a great alternative!

 Long Sleeved Shirt
Ames' brother-in-law was sporting this shirt on last week's Bachelorette show.  I was very proud.  Ames' was one of my favorites because of his intelligence, character, and of course his preppy style.
Short Sleeve Shirt
I love this lizard pattern!  It is definitely something my dad would wear at the beach!

What do y'all think of Three Islands?

Hope y'all are having a great start to your weeks!


cRk said...

I totally understand, it is over 100 every day here in Texas and I am on the constant search fur cute and light weight dresses! I will have to check these out!

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