Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess Again Dad...Wimbledon

Hey Preps!

Did I ever mention to you that back in the day, my dad used to be a tennis pro?  

Tennis is my dad's passion (obsession).  Not a day goes by where he doesn't mention a match to me.  My home television has it's own "tennis channel", that cannot be changed, and as you can see from above, my dad had me out on the courts as soon as I was walking.  

Currently Wimbledon is going on, and well...I like to hear what my dad has to say about predictions.  Usually he is correct with his guesses on who will win the grand slam...yet today his two picks for the men's final for Wimbledon, both lost in four sets today:

Murray lost to Nadal...

Tsonga fell to Djokovic

Dad and I were both rooting for Tsonga.  He cracks me up, on and off the court.  I'd like to think we would be friends if we met.  

I mean how hilarious is he surrenders to the newest #1 in the world, Djokovic

Ironically I was browsing through Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual sale, and found that they have a cute tennis dress included:

Happy Wimbledon Watching!
(and 4th of July weekend!)


Miss Lindsay said...

I wish I played tennis growing up - I did just about everything else. I've started playing recently and love it (and the outfits)! How great to have your dad start you off at a young age. Have a great holiday weekend!

Jessica said...

I'm rooting for Novak in the Wimbledon final. Love him! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

♡ bAs said...

I never really got into tennis when I was little, but I wish I would have! I play now and racquet ball, but I am not very good! haha

Have a safe & happy 4th! xo

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