Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nantucket? No, Bald Head Island

Hey Preps!

In less than a month I will be soaking up the sun on one of the preppiest islands in America.  Have you ever heard of Bald Head Island?

Off the coast of North Carolina, Bald Head Island was a hub during the 17th and 18th centuries when pirates ruled the waters of the tropical Americas.  Known as a refuge for famous pirates such as Blackbeard, and Steve Bonnet.

Early river pilots were responsible for giving the Village its unique and descriptive name. Eager to offer their navigational services to ships approaching the entrance to the Cape Fear River, they took up watch on a high dune headland on the southwest point on the island. According to local lore, the headland was worn bare of vegetation, making it stand out in contrast to the forest behind it. This "bald" headland served as a reference point for ships entering the river, and the name Bald Head Island has endured.

Fame was brought to Bald Head Island in 1817 when the, now trademark, Old Baldy Lighthouse was built.  Today the lighthouse stands, and you can still climb all 108 steps to the top.

This historic island can only be arrived at by ferry.  Every summer, my family and I take the long trek down to Southport, NC...and park our car at the ferry station for a week.  

No car for a week?  Doesn't that sound tough?

Not when the only vehicles on the island are golf carts!
It is often an issue between family members who gets to you can see above, usually my little sister wins these arguments.  

Also on the island are two private beach clubs...we belong to the Shoal Club which is shown above.  It's a great alternative to the beach if you don't feel like getting sandy.  

But if you do choose to get sandy, the beach is just a boardwalk away.

So what else is so great about BHI?

The shopping!  That sells everything a prep could desire!

Vineyard Vines
Lilly Pulitzer
Cotton Ties (one of the select few places who sells these)
Cruiser Bikes

I always have to get my shop on when we visit!

"The distinctiveness of Bald Head Island begins with its fortunate position on the globe. Bald Head is the southernmost of North Carolina's cape islands, marked by the legendary Cape Fear. It's also the northernmost semitropical environment on the East Coast, and the last point at which sabal palms grow naturally.

With beaches rimming its eastern, southern and western shores, the island's geography presents another remarkable phenomenon: the sun both rises and sets over the Atlantic Ocean each day." (BHI Website)

Recreationally, they have so much to do...from biking, sailing, boating, to even surfing (thanks to the east side of the island).  There is a great golf at the exclusive Bald Head Island Club...and for the fitness junkies there are three great gyms located on the island.

Finally, the tradition found at BHI is second to none...the same families come back to vacation the same weeks each summer...and you bet we have made some great friendships out of it.  

Only 20 more days until I'm there!  
I cannot wait!

Definitely checkout BHI for your next vacation!


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Such a jewel on the coast here in NC. We go to Holden Beach every year. It's just south. What a fantastic trip. And don't forget Weekend at Bernie's was filmed there back in the 80's! I think I totally just aged myself!

Tony (College Trad) said...

Ahh yes BI! Been once or twice and not too far from my neck of the woods. Glad you had fun!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I live in NC and have never been here!! I have near it so many times, but never taken the ferry over! Have fun! It's def a great pretty place :-)

Branson's Nantucket said...

There are nice picture are available and everyone is enjoyed see this place and there are many facilities are provide and i have thankful to for this blog.

Anonymous said...

I go there every year with my family!!! Love it. Love it.

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