Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Hiding...Shhhh!

Hey Preps!
You know it's bad when you are alone in a computer lab
that is usually bursting at the seams with college kiddos.
Which is why I thought it'd be so cool to take pictures of myself, 
since I can't any other time in here.  
Pretty much hardcore rule breaker right here. 

Well hello.  Guess where I should be right now?  Somewhere with my least favorite person ever.  Somewhere I have spent three long years locked in, and let me tell you...round four isn't going so well.  As a transfer student to the school I now go to, I had a pretty hectic fall semester from figuring out classes to meeting with mentors and fighting about classes that would/wouldn't transfer.  Ughhhh.  It was a very horrid process that I wish to never repeat.

Transferring might have been worse than that first week of college your freshman year.  You know, the week where you and your roommate realize that not all of your stuff is going to fit into the room as easily as you have to eat at the Caf, and have yet to figure out seating are oriented...yeah you know what I'm talking about if you are currently in or graduated from college.

Well why was transferring worse?  No orientation, no group of kids who are clueless and have no friends like you, no mercy of the professors because you are an "upperclassman".  Mainly, I have a bone to pick with one professor, who has made transferring a nightmare for me.  He is my advisor, a Biochemistry professor, and yep, he of course WOULD be the one who got selected to be my mentor for my senior research.

So today alone this is what he did wrong according to Kalyn:

  • Was 30 minutes late to our "meeting"
  • Told me that my current college is much more academically challenging than my previous college (let me be the judge of that one buddy)
  • Made fun of my Vera Bradley watch (no, no)
  • Now he is making me stay late...why?  Because he was late this morning of course
  • So I should be sitting on this computer making a little graph of nothing...but he left for the day, and well...I'm not doing it

You see I am very hardworking when it comes to my academics.  Almost to a point of OCD.  Yet, I am beyond sick of this.  Sick of my Biochemistry major, sick of being stuck on a computer in a LAB, and sick of "Mister Pompous Biochem Prof".  So, I vented, again.  Sorry!  Pat is out at sea right now, so I can't vent to him (I am sure he is very disappointed though).

But stay tuned, because I am about to work on an actual post that has nothing to do with my boring personal life.


The City Boy said...

i HATE professors like this

Brittany said...

I transferred schools too, and I know how ridiculous it is! It was such a hard decision, and I went back and forth a million times, so I know that you must have been really brave to make that decision. I'm sorry that your professor is rude, just don't mind him (as hard as it might seem) and go on your preppy way! :)

Annica Benning said...

Your croakies are too cute. Lilly Later Gator?

The Pink Tutu said...

So sorry to hear that! Hope you can enjoy the holiday weekend. Have fun!

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