Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogger Support: Lilly Lover Contest

Hey Preps!

Can I ask a huge favor?  I just entered a photo of my best friend, Renee, and I in the Lilly Lover Days Photo Contest!  The picture is from the Annapolis Cup 2011 (croquet match between the Naval Academy and St. Johns College).  It shows our true love of Lilly, and southern preppy style!  It would be a huge honor to have some of my beloved followers vote!  So if you don't mind, click this link, and help a prep out!

Hope y'all are having a blessed weekend!


Jordan Streetman said...

ADORABLE!! I voted!

♡ bAs said...

Voted! (:

♡ bAs said...

Voted again! It's hard to remind myself everyday, but I came across this post agin so that helped!

Annica Benning said...

I just wanted to let you know that I saw this photo on TFM. I think someone might have submitted it without your knowledge..

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