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Ellen Allen, Making Tradition Chic in Annapolis

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Have you ever just kicked yourself?  You know, the kind of kick where you think, "why didn't I know this before?".  Well, a few days ago.  I did so.  As a frequent traveler back and forth to Annapolis, I pride myself on knowing the town.  I can list off my usual routine of stores and eateries that I must stop in, yet, I was completely dumbfounded when I was contacted by Miss Jennifer Mann, Director of Sales of the company, Ellen Allen, that is based out of Annapolis.  

Sometimes I have companies contact me to write about them...but I won't unless I truly love the substance within and what they stand for.  Ellen Allen, far exceeds my expectations when it comes to that.  So, do you want to learn about them?  

I am dying to dig deeper.  Shall we?

The company was started by Ellen Allen.  A Maryland resident herself, she used the history and architecture of the East Coast, and turned it into a convenient yet fashionable line of lifestyle products such as handbags, cases, scarves, and ties.  Each one of her patterns is inspired by a specific piece of the East Coast.  Her products are durable, fun, and classic.  Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.  

Aren't you just dying to see Ellen Allen's products?  Here are a few of my favorite:

First, I find it appropriate to start with one of their most popular products, the Eastport.  

The Eastport is a large, water resistant tote.  It has side pockets, and two interior zip pockets.  For a girl like me, who is always on the water, this tote is perfect for a day of boating, and can safely hold everything you could possibly need for the day.  

Extracted from Ellen Allen's website is the inspiration behind The Eastport tote: 
"Since it was first settled in 1665, Eastport has served as the prime location for boating in Annapolis. Known fondly to locals as the Maritime Republic of Eastport, here you will find most of the area’s marinas, boat builders, sail makers, yacht brokers, and sailors. The Eastport bag is the perfect tote to hold all of your supplies for a day on the water."

I absolutely adore that they incorporate the lifestyle and history of the East Coast and make into an affordable, chic, and convenient bag!
The Eastport can be bought in the following colors (all named after streets in Annapolis):

Calvert Green

Steele Navy
Gloucester Yellow

Next on my list of favorites is, Murray Hill.  Looking for a perfect shoulder bag to use for the summer?  Mury Hill should be on the top of your list.  I can see myself putting this bag to great use.  Especially flaunting it around Annapolis.  To me, it is classic.  It's pattern is my favorite of all the products, and I will surely be purchasing this bag.  

Once again, I must share the great inspiration behind this bag, which I found on their website:
"Bordered by West Street and Spa Creek, Murray Hill serves as one of Annapolis’ premier neighborhoods. With walking distance to downtown Annapolis and an isolated atmosphere featuring waterfront homes and expansive yards, the residents of Murray Hill experience the best of both worlds. The Murray Hill bag provides you with both fashion and functionality in one smart handbag."

The Murray Hill is found in the following colors:
Steele Navy

Gloucester Yellow

Looking for something a little smaller?  Next on my list is the Oxford, a clutch perfect if you aren't looking to carry your entire life around with you for the day.  It is lockable, and has an interior pocket with a zipper and 16 credit card pockets.  

"This is not your average clutch. Named after the charming waterfront town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this accessory is just as functional as it’s style is classic. Travel from work to dinner with ease with the Oxford Clutch."

The Oxford comes in Calvert Green

Now onto, my favorites of Ellen Allen's line.  The scarves!  Each scarf has an individually fun pattern, that specifically represents a piece of the Eastern Shore's unique history and beauty.  

My favorite would have to be the Chevalier scarf.  The designs of this scarf are inspired by a specific piece of architecture found within the Naval Academy's walls.  The iron patterns found on the scarf are meant to resemble that of the designs found leading into the crypt of John Paul Jones, an early naval hero in America's history.  This scarf is has the perfect combination of yellow and navy, and is a must buy for me, given that I attend a great deal of Naval Academy events...and must be in the appropriate colors to cheer on the Goats!  

My other pick for a scarf is the Serapis.  Like the iron design found on the Chevalier scarf, the Serapis also has the iron design found to represent the architecture going into the crypt of John Paul Jones, which is located at the Naval Academy.  Yet, there is a twist to this scarf given it's name comes from the ship that John Paul Jones captured during the Battle of Flamborough Head.  To add a little flare to the scarf, fish are also found outlined on the scarf.  It comes in the classic colors of Pinckney Pink and East Street Orange.  

Hey gentlemen!  Do you think we would really leave you out?  
Ellen Allen has great ties too!  

The Capital Tie represents Maryland's state house dome (that I always make Pat take pictures with me by).  After learning this, I can see the dome within the pattern.  The creative mind behind using a piece of architecture to create a unique pattern is second to none.  I am obsessed!

The Sadler Tie "Sadler residence, home to O’Leary’s Seafood Restaurant and Annapolis’ freshest fish for the past seventeen years. It’s easy to get hooked on this pattern, no matter where you went to school."

I adore this pattern!  

So, when Ms. Mann asked me to write a post about Ellen Allen, I was ecstatic.  I can not compare this lifestyle products company to any other.  The unique patterns, paired with the perfect and classic colors, finished with the inspiration found through the passion of the history and architecture of my beloved Annapolis is just outstanding.  NBC's Today Show, also must think the same, for they recently featured Ellen Allen this past March.  After researching this company, I will never look at Annapolis the same.  It truly is my honor to write about such a creatively put together company.  

And the best part?  The currently are holding a great deal!  30% OFF all Bags and Eastports if you enter "CHEER" at checkout!  I mean, here's your chance to buy a perfect summer accessory.  So ladies and gents, check out Ellen Allen!  You will not be disappointed.  

Also be sure to "like" Ellen Allen on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!
Ellen Allen is such a great company to support, and will be getting all of mine (as soon as I get my next paycheck haha)


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