Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friday...

...and I have looked exactly like this all week.  My eyes are puffy, red, and tired.  No make-up.  Fro hair.  At least they let me pop my collar at work?  I have been up at 5am way too many days this week.  Today I am here in this horrible place, that I call work...from 6am to 9pm.  Someone save me please?

Tomorrow I open again....holy weekend for me.  Needless to say, I need coffee...or maybe a drink.  I can't decide which.  Probably neither since I don't want a ginormous headache tomorrow morning.  So instead I will just look at this new belt by Smathers and Branson. makes me feel better:

I mean how cute is this?  I am kinda obsessed, and think every boy in America (above the age of 21, or if you consider them virgin cocktails) needs this belt.  It is just so fun!  Also, I see it as a great conversation starter.  If I was a single lady (which I happily am not) I would probably approach a guy wearing this belt.  Just sayin' guys!  

Enough of my complain session though.  Pat comes to see me today, even though I work when he's here.  Possibly the lake tomorrow after I work?  Or a round of golf?  If weather holds up?  


Kristine Elizabeth said...

I feel you dear... I'm working at the Washington Wildthings stadium just outside of Pittsburgh, and I'm there til almost 11 every night. It's totally exhausting.
Love the blog. Hope your day gets better :)

sSe said...

Ha, I thinks it's fair to say that when school lets out and it's summer everybody develops the sleeping patterns of a wild raccoon, so I feel you. anyway I love, love, love that belt.

The City Boy said...

ah a 15 hour work day?!? what is this job??.

that belt is amazing!

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