Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nautical On The Brain

Hey Preps!

It's now officially the start of summer in the fashion world.  Every where I turn I see nautical themes taking sprout.  This makes me so very happy given the fact I have always been mildly obsessed with the styles that are associated with "on the bay" living.  Growing up in San Diego, my love for the ocean is profound. Name a water associated activity, and I guarantee I have at least attempted it.

This eventually led to a Division-I college swimming career (I do not recommend you let your kids be swimmers, I dread it now)...but that is besides the point...the point is this...I love everything nautical!

Here are a few of my favorite internet browsing finds this week:

How cute are these?
From L.L. Bean

Yet another perfect ad from Ralph Lauren

Organic Pillow from SewRealicoul's Etsy Shop

It is nautical summertime mates! Time to whip out those boat shoes (or keep them out)!


Kate said...

I was born in Pittsburgh and my parents moved us to Orange County, CA when I was 5. I lived in downtown San Diego in my mid-20s and still go back to visit all of my relatives in Pitsburgh 2 or 3 times a year. Love me a fellow CA/PA girl!!

The City Boy said...

you were a D1 swimmer!? I never knew. I swam from 4th-11th grade and every summer.

Have you seen the new Lilly stuff with regatta flags on it?! Love

little miss southern love. said...

Love those LL Bean totes.. I have had one in my shopping cart for a while now. I have a tote addiction!


♡ bAs said...

Those totes are really cute. I love all ads by RL!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

o excited for summer!
I just found your blog and love it! =)

I did a Tumblr post that just epitomized summer for me (not to mention, I LOVE Lilly.)

edinburgh international

Jana said...

I loveee it all! Especially the colorful LL Bean sailboat bag :-)

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