Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Smitten...For Him (and His Clothes)

Hey Preps!

The past few days, I have been browsing through old pictures (not because I'm bored...but I cannot currently share the reasons)...and you know what?  My boyfriend, he's got style! There aren't too many guys as observant as Pat.  He knows little things like names of Lilly dresses I like (and once beat us in the game Categories...picking the category make-up...and knowing more brands than the girls...not sure if I should have told you that or not...ooppps!).  However, one thing is for certain, he can dress himself (minus wearing wrinkly clothes, pet peeve). Luckily he is currently stuck without internet as he finishes up his first block at the Academy before a whole 2 WEEKS off, therefore cannot read my post about him!   Last summer it was only one week, so I'm not complaining...but loving how sneaky I am.

So today I put together a few of my all time favorite outfits that Pat has worn:

From Nantucket red chino pants, to his beloved lobster shorts...Pat knows how to pull together a preppy outfit without making it look ridiculous; with the exception of his croquet outfit that is intentionally ridiculous.

I have been reading a lot of male bloggers' posts lately.  They all fear wearing bright bottoms.  Why?  In my opinion...they are perfection.  They must be worn in a way that balances them out, and is not drawing too much attention.  Pat does so perfectly.  He pairs his brights with neutral colors, making him look as if he is straight out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad.

He makes me so proud.  So in honor of my boyfriends mad style...I have made a Polyvore containing items from his wardrobe:

Brooks seersucker shorts
$70 -

Lacoste logos jewelry
$95 -

Vineyard vines belt
$150 -

Clear shades
$9.99 -

Sperry 2 Eye Boat Shoe
$75 -

Solid University Oxford
$60 -

Classic leather penny loafers
$150 -

Mens Canvas & Leather Belt
$75 -

Vineyard Vines - Links Shorts
$68 -

Isn't he just the best?


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