Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Sale!

Hey Preps!

I have a few Lilly Pulitzer items I am selling on the Re-Lilly Website, but thought I'd give my readers an opportunity to buy them as well!

Size 4 Lilly Dress...Has beach flip-flops and flowers on it...Not sure of the pattern name?
Bought it off of Ebay and it was too big for me.  Does not have tags, but is in perfect condition
I can also verify it is authentic.  Selling it for $30 shipping included in the costs ( just because I love y'all).

Patchwork Skirt Size 2.  Worn once, and is now to big :( 
I absolutely adore this skirt!  Selling for $25 shipping included again.

Sulivan Dress.  Size Small.  NEW WITH TAGS. Perfect condition.  
Selling for $60 shipping included.  Retail value was $145.  

E-mail me or comment if y'all are interested!

Stay tuned to hear about a fabulous up and coming company from Annapolis later tonight!


Southern Belle said...

Kalyn, I'm definitely interested in the skirt if no one has bought it yet! I just found your blog and I'm so glad. I'm pre-pharmacy, so I'm probably taking a lot of the same classes as you are! I also used to play club lacrosse. I can't wait to read more!!

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