Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a Big Cheeseball

Yep that's me.  
Queen of not being serious.
You know those awkward moments when your supposed to be serious?
I always this.
So this morning when I met with the board of stuffy science professors,
who are writing letters of recommendation for med/p.a. schools for me...
My stomach gurgled.
I lost it...
I laughed...hysterically...not just a little casual giggle  
They think I'm ridiculous.  
Luckily they already wrote the letters!

Anyways this picture was done by my best friend Amy.  She's a great photographer, and just got a Tumblr.  Check her out at Still Frames && Meandering Experience.  

And stay tuned for my post later! Need to eat something apparently!


Prep In the Midwest said...

I love it! You look so cute in your rain boots and skirt! Way to keep it preppy! :)

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