Thursday, June 16, 2011

Castaway Clothing...Perfectly Preppy, Plain and Simple

Hey Preps!

I  am envious. I am talking a huge green monster of envy towards one of my best friends.  Guess where she is leaving for this Saturday? Nantucket...and she is getting paid to be there for three weeks.  Switch places please? As I sit at my boring work (that I can blog at it's so boring).

One store I suggested she check out is Castaway Clothing that originated on the preppy island of Nantucket (yes, they have a website too...and it has lots of mouth watering apparel).  The best part?  Ladies and Gents alike can find something that they will absolutely LOVE.

That being said, here are a few pieces I am dying to buy:

Sailing Shorts in Carolina Blue, Lime, Lemon, and Navy/Pink Seersucker

Embroidered Sailing Shorts (these are Lime with Pink Palm Trees)
Here are some of the other options:


I have been forever looking for anchor shorts in my I just can't choose between all of these fabulous embroidered critters.  What could be better than Seersucker and embroidered lobsters?

Madras Shorts

For the men, I also picked out a few of my favorites:

Solid and Embroidered Harbor the bright, preppy colors like the lemon, weathered red, and Nantucket navy.  The two embroidered pants I picked have American flags and golf clubs on them...perfect for Pat!

As for men's shorts...I fell in love with their Embroidered Cisco Shorts:

Perfect for any preppy gent!

They also have the shorts in these lovely patterns:

Seersucker Short Patterns
Perfectly Nautical patterns

My final pick for the men, were the pink and green Madras button-down oxford shirts!  Just perfect!

Aren't all of these just great?  Be sure to check out Castaway Clothing's Website


sSe said...

So obviously I'm not a man, but I LOVE all this clothing. Seriously I do wish sometimes companies would make woman versions of what they make for men. That being said these outfits are too cute!

preppylawyer said...

I may be going to Nantucket in a few weeks so I will definitely have to check this place out.

little miss southern love. said...

The embroidered shorts with the seahorses are my favorite!


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