Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh Irony...I am Annoyed

So I am insulted.  Earlier today I blogged about the new college apparel line that Brooks Brothers is expected to release.  Today someone brought to my attention that my boyfriend's picture was on a Brooks Brothers' bashing article that you can find by clicking here.

Let's get one thing straight.  This writer decided to use a picture taken to show how ridiculous preppy wardrobe is.  However, as followers of my blog, you should all know that this was taken at the Annapolis Cup.  Which has one rule...dress over-the-top.  He must be very ignorant if he thinks preps dress like this on a daily basis.

Furthermore,  he decides to say that Brooks Brothers picked the 15 "whitest" colleges in the country.  CORRECTION:  Do you know how hard it is for a "white" male to get into the U.S. Naval Academy?  The Academy prides itself on diversity.  Once again using MY picture as propaganda in a very distorted way.

Ughh...I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions, but next time, Mr. Hamilton Nolan, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.  Also, classy move on insulting our military.  The guys who serve for the freedom that allows you to write poorly researched junk like this.

(ohhh and just a post note...Hamilton decided to delete his section on "white" colleges, THANK YOUUUU)


sGe said...

You go girl! I'm glad you are calling him out for distorting images from a happy moment in your life. I know how difficult all military school are to get into, and race isn't a big factor at these schools - service to country is! Thank you for standing up for yourself and our military academies! I already loved your blog, but your response to his distasteful behavior makes me an even bigger supporter!

Jordan said...

I am really sorry this man felt it was appropriate to first: use a photo that you love, and second: have such a harsh opinion. I understand that each person is entitled to their own opinion, but how does his use of derogatory language and a negative attitude get his point across? To me, it seems like he is probably a jealous loser who wishes he could join the members of those schools. He was probably denied from each one of those universities.

I think there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with the way those boys are dressed. The dude who wrote that obviously has no life.

PREP ONNN! I'm really sorry you were dragged into this!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

I read that article and knew that picture looked familiar. What a shame that he has nothing better to do with his time than to bash other groups of people. You are nothing but positive with your blog and using your picture shows his lack of class. I would love for him to walk around campus at Ohio State, or better yet, NYU and see all of the diversity.
Don't let this get to you girl.

The City Boy said...

ugh gawker.....

reading that article made me mad as well...i go to NYU and didnt need to see people bashing it in the entire comments section. Same thing as the navel academy- its so hard to get into NYU if you are a white male! and trust me, NYU is sooo diverse.

clearly, he doesnt know what hes talking about

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

Did you post your link in the comments? I would... and I would also send a nasty email to them.

And I would also start watermarking your pictures, ladyfriend!! If that had a watermark of (C) preppy in pittsburgh on it I'm sure they wouldn't have used it ... or if they did, your blog would be getting some free publicity!!

Jessica said...

I think all three of the men in you picture look good! That writer was very rude and did not do his research. I hope people don't believe what he writes.

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