Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God Blessed The Broken Road

Hey Preps!

Last night was a real eye-opener for me.  As I finished a hilarious dinner with some of my oldest friends, I realized how different my life has become in the seven years I have developed my relationships with them. Seven years ago, I entered high school...not knowing what to expect, nor who my friends would be.  I bounced around from group to group at lunch, not feeling like I truly fit in with any, until I met the girls who would change my life.

From campfires, to school dances...the memories with them are countless...yet the one thing I can truly thank them for is the accountability they gave me in high school.  My faith grew tremendously thanks to these beautiful ladies, and I am so blessed to have such loving and Godly girls in my life.

So then college came in.  I went south.  That had always been the plan for me.  At the same time, I was always told that you make your best friends in college.  Yes, I did make some great friends down south, yet I couldn't wait to get home to be with my high school friends again.

Three years of college done now.  If you had told me my senior year of high school that I would spend my last two years of college close to home, I would have laughed.  Or screamed.  Or told God to change His plans.  Yet, this is where I am now.  Sure, transferring was hard.  There is so much that I miss about the south and my old college.

Yet last night, as I bid farewell to two of my oldest girlfriends as they left for their summer excursions, I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming calm come over me.  God has taught me so much this year.  So much about myself, and who He wants me to be.  I truly have grown in a way where I am not the immature girl who entered college three years ago.

My friends all are unique.  Some are suffering heartbreak, some are lucky in love...one just got married?  Some are home for the summer, some far away...one is a cosmetologist, one a history major...all unique...from our outer appearance, to our inner spirits.  Yet what bonds us together after seven years?  Our faith in God, and love for each other.

As I bid farewell to one of my closest friends of the bunch...we talked about what she was struggling with.  I couldn't help but cry with her last night.  She's gone now...off to the west coast for three months. Yet no matter the distance, or our differences, or changes in our individual life...the bond we share never fades.

God is so good...and through everything both broken and blessed, He has given me these girls.
Here are some pictures of a few of us from last summer, we did a country themed shoot with a photographer I know:


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky {blessed} to have such a close group of beautiful, supportive friends. I'm traveling across the world for the next four years of university...I hope I am able to maintain my relationships as well as you have.

Thanks for the heartwarming post!

edinburgh international


The City Boy said...

love this post. leaving friends (good friends) is so hard. experiencing a similar thing myself

Fashion Meets Food said...

love this post! Leaving friends or family is always so hard. When I left Michigan to move to Pittsburgh it was one of the hardest things. I really struggled bad with it. I am still struggling. Love all the pictures!!!


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