Friday, June 10, 2011

Without You

Hey Preps!

Quick interlude to Fashion Friday...I am currently at work.  My three hour shift turned into a nine hour shift.  Great.  I am really thrilled to be stuck here bored out of my mind.  Pat is coming home for his whole two weeks of summer off...and I get to work.  How happy am I?  So, then, Pat doesn't text me for two hours due to his road trip home.  End of the world right?  When you have nothing else to do, but think about seems that way. All of a sudden though...I walk to the upstairs of work, and there is Pat...who went out of his way on his trip home to Cleveland (yes I am from Pitt he is from Cle...we don't discuss our sports differences) just to surprise me, see me for five whole minutes...and bring me Subway.  Now he has an extra hour of driving...but he made my whole day.

I seriously just need to tell the whole world I have the best boyfriend.  You know those little things that just make you smile for years after?  Pat does those kind of things every day...this is just an example.  I really am so blessed to have a guy who is beyond everything I could ever ask for.  I love him.

At Garden of the Gods...taken with a self-timer!

So today I am dedicating a song to it is:


Anonymous said...

So cute! Glad I'm not the only one who appreciates all the little things our men do for us =)


True Southern Prep said...

love reading your post! always so adorable!

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