Monday, November 14, 2011

Poppin' Up With Excuses

Hey Preps!

Senioritis is in full swing.  I'm sick.  I'm busy with my job...and I look at the pages among pages of books I have to read before Thanksgiving break, and I could literally cry.  I'm talking rivers of tears here.  Somehow I'm not though.  Do you ever have moments in your life where everything goes wrong?

For example, today I knocked out a whole row of desks in class because my backpack got stuck on the back of the chair...while managing to try to get my backpack untangled, I hip-checked the desk beside fell...and boom dominos...all the while I still am trying to get untangled.  My professor just laughed.  He knew.  He knew it was one of those days for me...actually he knew it was one of those semesters.  

I just curtsied as I ever so ungracefully picked up my damage and scooted out the door.  

One thing I have learned in my college career (yes, I actually have learned lots of stuff) is that sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and move on.  There are going to be times in life where you are completely overwhelmed.  You have to do the best you can do, smile through it, and move on.  Those tough times aren't here to stay...even though sometimes it feels like it.  I am swamped this week with work, I am applying for jobs, have the GRE scheduled, and sure I am stressed...yet there are a lot of good things in my life. 

Why focus on the negatives when there is so much to be thankful for? Ya feel me?

That being said, those of you who read my blog frequently know that as a former prep school student, I can't help but pop my collar.  It's just one of those things I can't grow out of.  I was even photographed for an article in high school (they didn't tell me what for of course) titled, "The Pop has Gotta Stop".  Okay now, unfair use of propaganda without telling me!  Yet it didn't stop me...

I'm pretty sure Mr. Ralph Lauren would agree with the popped collars...ever look at his ad campaigns?  Collars on coats, polos, anything...they are popped folks. So what do I own from Mr. Ralph Lauren that encourages my popping addiction (that sounds like I'm popping drugs or something...NO)?

He created these amazing Oxford Polo Button-downs...with reversible colors on the collars of the shirts!! Sure, if you don't wanna pop, the collars folded over are the same color or pattern, but if you starch those collars, and pop like is a fun excuse!
I got these at the Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Store
Don't you just love them?
I do!
Hope y'all are having great weeks! Almost Thanksgiving break! Eek!


Grace said...

Those are so cute! Love the printed collars. I totally agree with you, sometimes you just have to smile, laugh, and move on!

Abby said...

I'm a big fan of popped collars! Always have been, always will be. I thought I was super cool in middle school when my one abercrombie polo said said "Abercrombie" on it when I popped the collar. hahaha
Those RL's are beautiful. I'd love one!

The City Boy said...

having an everything is going wrong moment as fact my post is entitled bad timing today.

I love those RL oxfords. My friend had one on the other day and I was like you have to pop your collar!

Anonymous said...

I was just there this weekend and I fell in love with them! Ya... I pop my collar from time to time but this makes me what to do it all day every day!

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