Friday, November 12, 2010

Behind The Prep

Growing up, I was the nerdy girl with oversized glasses, braces, and boney knees.  I still look back on pictures and look at the disheveled nature of my awkward days, and can only thank my parents for still thinking I was a beauty.  However, I can also thank the preppy primary school I attended that fully accepted my penny loafers, specs, and oversized oxfords.

I can solely thank this school for the start of my prep obsessions, that have turned into an outlet from my college courses, but also a way to creatively express my simplistic and unique style to a world that has rejected the prep for so long.  So... here is a little bit about myself.

I grew up in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh.  The town could be considered a northern Annapolis with it's dainty shops and unique eateries.  There is a shop with the strict uniform of Vineyard Vine ties, Leatherman belts, and Vera Bradley galore.  There is a local country club that is quite historical and has the membership of many known names such as Bill Gates, and Dick Cheney.  Within this club we find extracurriculars such as fox hunting, golfing, shooting, and polo (but not limited to).

The lifestyles of those entwined in this club, carried over into the preppy school I spent most of my childhood within.  There I spend many years playing field hockey and lacrosse.  We had many undefeated seasons, while being coached by the Headmaster's wife whom had played for Vermont.  Our lunches consisted of sitting with a teacher and other classmates and having a family style meal, in which we learned the proper ways to behave in a formal dinner setting ( I learned very early on when I tried to slurp the rest of my soup by tilting the bowl to my mouth and having it pushed in my face by a disgraced teacher).  We wore uniforms with button down polos, plaid skirts, knee socks, and loafers.  As regimented as it sounds, I will always look fondly back on those days.

Present day...I am currently a college Junior.  I am a Biochemistry major whom after spending two years attending college in the deep south, decided to locate closer to home to finish my degree.  (Let me tell you I MISS THE SOUTH)  My love of lacrosse has carried on throughout my life, and I currently am a middy for my college's women's lacrosse team.  Go Cats!

I have an amazing family including my parents, a younger sister, and (quite the prepster himself) a Westy, named Sir Maxwell Smart.

Finally, I would like to brag about my amazing boyfriend, who attends the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and is not only the whole package, prince charming deal, plus....but also tends to give me a pointer or two when it comes to the "Gentleman" and his suave fashions.

But this is yours truly, Kalyn Brook-The Pittsburgh Prep, hoping you enjoy my rants that all involve my love of Prep, and of my hometown Roots.  Enjoy!


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