Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love My Midshipman, Love Everything Nautical

Hey Preps!

Please feel free to omit the first part of this post, for it will be full of mushiness. However, this explanation is vital for my love of everything nautical. (Plus, it is a somewhat humorous tale) As you can see from my 'support our troops' link with the picture below it, you can see I am dating someone within the military.

His name is Patrick, and you bet I will be a hopelessly in love girlfriend and say that he really is the best...ever. Pat attends the United States Naval Academy located in Annapolis, Maryland. (Obsessed with Annapolis, but we will get there) For you to comprehend my full love of this nautical nonsense, we must start at the very humorous beginning of how I became the girlfriend of such dandy fellow. HA.

Once again let me point out that I am a college student. While most colleagues of mine were spending classy spring breaks in Panama City with the rest of the drunken population ranging from 18-25 years of age, I being the sometimes homebody I am, decided I wanted to spend spring break with my Mom. (This had it's many advantages, let me tell you) She excitedly decided we should go on a cruise together...and that is exactly what we did.

So while everyone else was with their friends from college on this cruise, I was with my mom. I slept with my mom, drank with my mom, had some interesting excursions with my mom...and as a college student, there does come a time where there may be too much mom. Did I just say that? (Love her way too much) However, I did manage to meet some girls my own age on the cruise whom decided to have a mommy vacation as well.

As the moms decided to retire for the evenings, the girls and I would go out together. The first night, a nice guy from West Point asked me to dance. Deciding to be polite because of how gentlemanly he was, I agreed. Do you ever remember a time in your life, where you can't help but feel queezy about? To me, this was one of those times. By the end of the song, this boy was dancing alone...all four limbs on the ground, and I was staring at him from above. The girls I was with were aching with laughter. My opinion of the military academy boys? Negative.

The following night, I was at a table in a lounge area with a few of the same girls. Three guys approached us. Here we go again. Who was the ring leader of this clan? None other than Pat himself. Since this is a fashion based blog, I should at least describe his outfit...FASHION INTERMISSION!

Pat was in, a baby pink Lacoste oxford button down, khaki Vineyard Vine shorts, a needlepoint belt, and...coveted Sperrys. (And his glasses that he really doesn't need to wear but does so because it makes him look smarter...He is very high in his class at Navy for Aerospace Engineering...doubt he needs to look smarter) Intermission End.

Pat introduced himself with his two friends, but clearly was rather outspoken compared to them. That is when the introductory questions began. We found out that they went to the Naval Academy. Strike one after the night before. So, when he asked where I was from. I may have lied a teeny bit when I announced I was from Canada. Although I did mention I went to college in the states at a small school I figured he wouldn't remember the name of. I enjoyed talking to was refreshing to have someone with so much in common after being preyed upon by so many guys that week. However, the night ended, and the cruise was stopping in Jamaica the next day.

Jamaica. What an experience. My mom and I decided to climb Dunns Falls. Do not use a tour guide if you go. They are not helpful. We both wore tennis shoes, and by the end of the climb up this waterfall we were both soaked, and solely in tennis shoes and bikinis. Attractive combo I'd say. Who was at the top of the falls? None other than the hunkiest guy I have ever seen. I am talking RIPPED. Guess who? Pat minus the Lacoste polo and glasses. Do you think I melted when he hugged me?

That night, the usual, dinner, then out with the girls. Along comes the Navy Boys. We have a few drinks together, and continue talking. The time finally comes...Pat asks me to dance. Denied. He persists. Denied. (There is more to the story but I would rather not bore you to death) The last night of the cruise, I did not want to deal with another queezy dance. Plus it was assumed I would never see him again. Why exert the effort?

Several days after I got back to school, a Facebook friend request pops up. Navy Boy! I was in my living room with my roommates. I laughed and told them that the creeper Navy guy from the cruise somehow found me on Facebook. I am persuaded to accept. That night, Facebook message from Navy boy. This is what it said: "Canada if I am not mistaken? You owe me a dance..."

A month later, I and two of my roommates made a nine hour trek to Annapolis for the Academy's International Ball. Pat soon was made fun of for his gullible nature in trusting that I was from Canada. To this day, I swear, I fell in love with him then. There is something about Annapolis, The Academy, and most importantly Pat, that just hit me that weekend.

Pat and I just clicked. My whole life I have never met someone compatible like he is to me. We can talk about anything, and it is a good respectful conversation. We have similar backgrounds, and families...the boyfriend list is perfectly matched. But that can be totally disregarded when looking at him and our relationship. Never in my life have I met someone so humble and selfless. When he has absolutely every reason not to be. Never have I met someone who completely amazes me everyday with his knowledge, and his genuine care for me. He is someone I look up to, and respect, and whom I love with all my heart. Our relationship has always been long distance to an extent. The fact we have made it through the distance and lack of communication at times that we have, makes me feel like we can make it through anything.

There are days when I am lonely, and a struggle. However, I have found that person whom I would sacrifice anything for, and even far away, I know I would never want anything else ever. that the mush is over, let us focus on Annapolis.

Annapolis, a town immersed in the regal ways of the Academy, yet quaint, and the perfect example of an east coast town. From the amazing shops to the eateries, all surrounded by the history of heroes, and the Atlantic ocean, Annapolis could not be a better place to fall in love with my own hero. So, as I write to you, I hope you may find some time in the very distant spring to visit this town and fall in love with it like I have. Below are some of my top Annapolis picks, as well as a Polyvore I created in honor of my love of the town, and my creeper Navy boyfriend. Enjoy!

Chick and Ruth's (this is a fun and unique place to eat)

The Big Cheese
Sici's Crepes
Hell Point Seafood
NOSTALGIA Cupcakes (on WE televistion)

Madison Boutique
Madeleine Boutique
Boutique Vineyard
East of Maui
Giant Peach

Also, fully take advantage of visiting the Academy. It is gorgeous and amazing to learn about.


Miss Southern Prep said...

Awww, such a sweet story! That's crazy that y'all met on a cruise and fell in love! It sounds like a Nicholas Sparks novel!

miss andrea lee said...

This is the cutest story ever!! Your blog is adorable!

Jessica said...


My name is Jessica and I live in Annapolis. My boyfriend went to the Academy and studied Aerospace Engineering, he also did the semester at the AFA. He is currently deployed on an aircraft carrier...

I was surprised to find Star Monograms not on your list of favorite boutique stores DTA - It is so you! The store is located on Maryland Avenue (between Gate 3 and the State House) if you have not been there yet I definitely recommend it. It is both preppy and nautical.

Love your blog!

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