Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loosen Your Grip

Hey Preps!

Type AAA personality.  Ashamed to admit it sometimes, but that's me.  I set my mind on something, and I want to achieve it.  I dive head first, and I refuse to fail.  Yet, it is impossible to be perfect at everything...and everyone fails at some point in their life.  Why are we so ashamed when we do?

Perfect example was today, I was teaching a Silver Sneakers fitness class (for Senior citizens) and we were working on a drill to help with finger strength (grip).  As we get older arthritis and years of picking up heavy items can lead to the loss of strength in our digits.  So, to strengthen that, the drill we do involves a small inflatable ball.  Holding the ball, we extend the arm out; hand placed on top of the ball, and squeeze and release our fingers to exercise that finger strength.

Someone always looses their ball.  It goes flying the other direction and everyone stares...the person who lost it, rushes over to claim the ball, and looking completely defeated sulks back to their seat.
Who cares!?  I couldn't tell you who lost their ball this morning, even though I know someone did.

Yet, how many times are we completely embarrassed by our faults and cannot seem to acknowledge them, learn from them, and get back up and start fighting again?  Seriously guys.  Stop trying to hold on so tight to your life that you are unable to grow into a better person.

We really do take life too seriously.  Just like my Silver Sneakers take their grip exercises.  Little do they know that if they just loosened up their grip a teeny bit, that the ball would be easier to hold on to. When you grip the ball too tightly, the pressure in the ball is compressed, making the probability of it shooting out of your hand far greater when you go to slightly release that tension.  Just like in life, the more pressure you put on yourself to be perfect, the harder it will be when you fail.

So that is my psychological advice to you today, now for some fashion advice...

It is now officially fall, and almost October, and in Kalyn terms, Pennsylvania is officially too cold.  All weekend it rained, which is tough when I just returned from sunny California.  So, what is a girl to do if she wants to be fancy and practical huh?

For all those college girls in cold climates; what I have found is that there are many fun ways you can pair rugged pieces with classy essentials to put together a perfect casual outfit for class.  I used to see so many girls wearing pumps and 'clubwear' to class...and then turn the corner and see girls in sweats who clearly didn't even brush their hair that morning.

I am telling you first hand, professors aren't diggin' the clubwear or the "I never try" look.  You should always try to look simple, classic, and clean (at least clean for goodness sake).

Fall Practicals

Fall Practicals by pittsburghprep featuring slim pants
1. Excursion Quilted Vest by J. Crew
2. Oxford Button Down from Lands' End Canvas
3. Matchstick Cord by J. Crew
4. Large Le Pliage Femme Bag by Longchamp
5. Duck Boots by L.L.Bean

One of my favorite outfits to wear in the fall/winter months is a pair of Duck Boots combined with a polished pair of corduroy skinny pants.  I like to keep the chunky theme in place by adding a loose-fitting oxford button down shirt, with a quilted down vest.

If you get too warm in class, the vest is removable, and you still look polished.  So, ladies and gents...stop trying too hard with you wardrobe (or not trying at all) and loosen up that grip on life while your at it.

Everything turns out okay.  I promise.


A Preppy State of Mind said...

The JCrew quilted vest in on my want list. I love all your picks! I purchased two Longchamps from Bloomingdales during the F&F sale last week. I'm so excited about them :)

Please me sure to enter my Marinette Jewelry Monogram Giveaway for your chance to win a monogramed necklace or bracelet :)

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

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