Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nu Beta Chi...Go Navy...Beat Army!

Colorado. Known for it's skiing, adventurous landscape...oh and for stealing my boyfriend for the past semester while he did an exchange at The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. This gave me a great excuse to explore Colorado upon several visits to see Pat. (Although I was much more eager to see Pat than Colorado, in all honesty). The first visit, Pat and I had the opportunity to explore The Broadmoor Hotel, which was built as one of the last stops before the mountains. We also were able to visit The Garden of the Gods where we did some hiking and took way too many pictures.
Pat and I at Garden of the Gods

However, I also got to meet and spend time with Pat's fellow midshipmen who were also exchanging at Air Force for the semester. From the very beginning the Navy boys have stuck together. They are inseparable in most aspects...sometimes it makes me question... :) However, from being arrested during Navy v. Air Force week, to golfing, and planning weekend excursions, these strapping young men have created their own fraternity that they have named: Nu Beta Chi (NBX).

The men of NBX have even gone to such lengths as to create their own lacrosse reversible pinnies. These pinnies were gifted to their girlfriends on my second trip out to Colorado when we all stayed in a cabin in the middle of the mountains for the weekend.
The Infamous NBX Pinnies
The Cabin
However, like I have said many times before, my boyfriend has quite good taste when picking out his wardrobe. The men of NBX have also proven themselves as upstanding and capable of performing well in the strict approval of the fashion world. So, as I countdown the days until Pat will be home and not across the country, (11) I would like to dedicate this post to the Colorado adventures, and to the style of NBX.

NBX Weekend Golf

Below is a NBX Inspired Polyvore

As this week approaches a big weekend in Navy traditions, I hope ya'll will turn your attention to the Navy v. Army football game next weekend...and one thing...BLUE AND GOLD...Beat Army!


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Lovely post!! Haha love the polyvore collage, very preppy :)

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