Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When Life Gives You Rain...Wear Rain Boots!

Oh there are days I miss the south.

Blue skies. Warmer weather. Dresses all year.

As a college student, the south was prime for walking to class weather, making my wardrobe as easy as a dress and a pair of flats. This past week in Pittsburgh (by the way...another win for the Steelers making us 8 and 3), has been miserable. Rain for the first two days of the week, and now a great welcome to December with a blizzard. I am sick. Frozen to my core...and wondering how I will be able to walk to class in the elements...let alone keep my status as fashionista?

One great thing the south did teach me was: rain boots rain boots rain boots! If it rains, wear rain boots with a dress. If it snows, wear rain boots with jeans. They really are God's gift to a college girl. They can be basic, and worn with everything, or can be a crazy pattern that makes your outfit standout. Yet, rain boots in my opinion, are ALWAYS considered preppy.

For example, I have two sets of rain boots. A pink plaid pair with a slight wedge heel...meant to dress up my outfit, and a pair of navy blue flat rain boots that can be worn with virtually anything (but let's not get carried away...a cardigan and jeans will do). I have a Coach umbrella that is quite colorful and unique and is also a fashion statement.

As a new "Yankee" college student, I have also taken comfort in my Columbia rain jacket that comes with a duck hood :). I have a new appreciation for it, and the way it keeps my hair dry. So, as winter looks like it is here to stay, I encourage you to whip out a new kind of boot to face the trenches that is waterproof, warm, and oh so preppy.


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