Saturday, May 28, 2011

Annapolis for Memorial Day

Hey Preps!

Last minute, and it looks like I'm heading to Annapolis for the weekend.  I am slightly torn because I love the Memorial Day Weekend traditions that are celebrated with my family and friends.  However, there is nothing more I could ever want than to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend, and the kiddo who deserves all of our support and special attention this weekend.

Love him...even though I'm salty at him for
making last minute plans.

Due to last minute decisions to change all of our decisions...I was packing late last night (and up at 5am this morning to go to work...eek!).  So I threw together some outfits that are classic, nautical, and go great with Memorial Day's celebration of American pride, and those who have served and our serving our country.  Here is what I'm bringing:

Memorial Day Style

Memorial Day Style by pittsburghprep featuring slip on shoes

The first outfit is a nautical themed dress (similar to this one) found at Forever 21 that I will be pairing with a pair of espadrilles.  The outfit I am wearing down to Annapolis today consists of a Polo Ralph Lauren crew-neck t-shirt in Navy combined with Polo Ralph Lauren chino shorts in Nantucket red.  A D-ring ribbon belt and Sperrys will tie this outfit together.  My favorite item I'm bringing?

These sailboat mini shorts from Lands End Canvas. 
I am absolutely obsessed!  How perfect for Annapolis are these?

Hope y'all have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend.  
So proud of everything our country stands for.  


Ashley said...

I am a new follower ;)

I hope you have a great weekend, filled with fun!!!

Feel free to pop by my blog to say hello when you get a chance!!

Miss Lindsay said...

Those are great shorts!! Perfect for the weekend.
Catching up on all of your great posts now :)

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