Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashions of The 2011 Annapolis Cup

Hey Preps!

After a full day of finals...I can officially say: Helloooo sweet summer!
Or is it sweet? This summer I was supposed to study abroad in Rome.  However, thanks to my major, I will be stuck in Pittsburgh doing my senior research.  I am still rather salty about this.  This summer will involve: work, summer classes, research, and an internship.  Busy grown up summer that involves being away from Pat.  This may be the only time ever I am not jumping with joy after my last final.  Oh well, I can't complain...it will be nice to not have as many classes, and to really focus on my future.  

Anywhoooo enough of my pity party I am currently throwing for myself...last weekend was amazing!  
Friday night, one of my best girlfriends and I arrived in Annapolis after a muy dificil Spanish test.  The boys (Pat and his shipmate Rob) met us at the hotel, and carried in our 10329408 million bags.  

Oh dear.  Pat couldn't help but laugh because he was shocked that another girl would bring three Vera Bradley duffles for one short weekend other than his beloved girlfriend.  So does that mean I can bring four now?  Kidding...I usually only bring one, but this weekend's events forced me to have to bring a little extra.  

After we hulled all of the luggage to our room, it was time for some Carrie Underwood!  Yes I was about five feet away from the most gorgeous country star ever!  She was incredible.  She sang "All-American Girl" which is my absolute favorite of hers.  Even the boys had fun.  What I loved was the fact there was only a few hundred people in attendance.  Carrie all to ourselves.  Following the concert was an evening stroll around DTA (downtown Annapolis)  and ice cream.  

The next morning was an early one.  Up at eight, and drinking Mimosas by ten.  I have never drank before noon in my young alcohol consumption career.  Sad to say I now have.  However, Mimosas are just delicious.  Equally dangerous. 

We arrived to the Annapolis Cup (croquet match between Navy and St. Johns College) at noon, and it was truly one of the best events.  EVER.  From the big hats, to the bow ties...the fashion was undeniable.  The community found in the midshipmen at Navy is equally undeniable.  They are all great people, and a blast to spend time with.  So what was everyone wearing?  Let me show you!

Pat learning how to tie his Southern Proper bow tie
Purchased at Laurances Men's Shop in Annapolis

Renee, Rob, Kalyn, Pat
Cannot ever be serious
My shoe is off...5+ hours of standing
Pat likes to look tall too..ha!
Gray, Pat, Rob...who want's to marry them with me?
Southern Tide Croakies...they are obsessed!

This cracked me up...

Love his Raybans 
Everyone calls us sisters.
Lilly Pulitzer supporters!

Both in Southern Proper bow tiesYes...Pat would wear rainbow flip sunglasses

Pink Seersucker...Pants, Bow tie, and Fedora?

Rob with his favorite ladies...wearing Pat's "Birdie" tie from VV

The gentlemen with their blonde dates!

Seersucker suit...and JFK Raybans...LOVE

I love him...grass stains?
Well-dressed Midshipmen

 Boy on the left wearing a
Lilly Pulitzer tie! I DIE
 Jess, a girl in Pat's company...with her boyfriend
He is on the croquet team at Navy
 Drinking Mimosas out of Vera Bradley tumblers
 Had to add this again...love his smooches
Isn't this darling?  Love both of their outfits!

Smoke in my face

So who is coming with me next year?  We better start planning now!
Since I am mildly biased and love my boyfriend...I thought his colorful outfit stood out at croquet...
Therefore I made a Polyvore sharing his top secret outfit picks (hopefully he won't get mad at me for exposing his personal style)
Pat's Croquet Outfit

Pat's Croquet Outfit by pittsburghprep featuring blue shades

#1.  Brooks Brothers': St. Andrews Vest by Supima (this was a present from Buxton Midyette...VP of Marketing for Supima....THANK YOU!)
#2.  Ralph Lauren Button Down Oxford
#3.  Tilly's Rainbow Flip Out Sunglasses
#4.  Vineyard Vines Citrus Check Poplin Breakers Pants
#5.  Penny Loafers

Pat also had some fancy accessories he wore:

(Gift from me...Pat loved it!)
Nick from Knot Belt Co.  also sent us some awesome sunglasses
and stickers...GET KNOTTY!

I thought the Bow Tie he got was just perfect!
Wouldn't you agree?

What do y'all think? Isn't Pat just oh so stylish?  Such a perfect weekend!  Hope y'all are having a great week!


The City Boy said...

im totally in on next year! This looks like so much fun

Raulston said...

Exceptional photos! The colors are superbly Spring!

Miss Lindsay said...

Count me in!!! Wish I had been there. You looked so cute, I love your outfit choice. OH and Pat's shades are awesome!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Ahhh, what a fun weekend! I love your Lilly and Pat's outfit! Where can I find a handsome, preppy mindshipman?! I love mimosas--so delicious! Sorry about your summer stuck in Pittsburgh. Hopefully Pat will come up for many visits!

P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I just wanted to let you know that I don't have a Twitter, though (just in case you try to tweet me, and it's not me)! Hope you have a wonderful week!

sSe said...

Looks like such fun! I always enjoy your posts, and this is no exception.

Preppy Perfectionist said...

A few of my friends from school went and they had so much fun too! I need to find a navy boy for myself! Haha, have a fabulous day! xoxo

myfwbs said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing!

Marit said...

What an awesome hat! So glad I found your blog - I'm excited to follow your fun!

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