Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nautically, We Would Accidentally Match

Hey Preps!

Pat and I have this teeny problem in our relationship...that involves accidentally matching every time we are together.  For example, once I wore a Polo Ralph Lauren pink oxford button-down dress...cinched with a light blue belt.  Pat walked out wearing a pink oxford button-down shirt and light blue seersucker shorts.

However, last weekend we got a little more creative with the matchy matchy.  Let me show you:

Yep I'm blocking his square head with my round head...sorry Patty.

Here is a Polyvore I made of our outfits:

We were opposites this time.  Pat in a Nantucket red polo with navy and white lobster shorts, while I was in Nantucket red Polo chino shorts and a navy and white sweatshirt.  We tied the matchiness together by both wearing Sperrys and D-ring belts.  People probably think we were such weirdos trying to match like we did...of course...that would probably be an appropriate thought...because we are.

Big humungous weirdos.  
Who match.
And love each other.  

P.S.  All of your comments from my last post made me laugh...and to those who agreed to come to the Annapolis Cup next year, I'm holding you to it!  


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Great pic...loving the nautical combo! xx

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