Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cold Blooded but Fashionable

Hey Preps!
OOTD: Sperry Sheer Water Boots

OOTD: Sperry Sheer Water Boots by pittsburghprep featuring patch pants

It's January, and its 41 degrees here in Pittsburgh today.  Trust me, I am not complaining (matter of fact I am currently sitting indian style on my bedroom floor situated no more than half a foot away from a space heater).  Warm weather is better in my opinion.  I love the snow, and skiing is a lifetime passion of mine...however aside from skiing and the first snowfall, I could probably live without it.  Matter of fact, that is one of the deciding factors that ended me up in North Carolina for my first two years of college.  The winters here make me question my decision to move closer to home again.

For example, today the skies are gray, it's rainy, and in Kalyn terms; it's frigid outside.  I swear I have reptilian tendencies, one being I am cold blooded, the other being I am a good little swimmer.  Like a fishy (yes I know not a major...I get it...but just hear me out) but more aggressive like an alligator who sneak attacks from behind.  RAWR! Ok, maybe that was a bit far fetched but that is the type of swimmer I was, a sneak attack from behind while you are slow on your flip-turn kind of competitor.  Anyways, the point is I am always cold.

So what's a girl to do when she always has cold feet?  Perhaps score a good boyfriend who is a good Christmas present shopper? Or be a good Christmas shopper for yourself if your not as lucky as I am.

Boyfriend decided to get me a pair of Sperry Top-sider Sheer Water Boots.  If you look at my last blog post you can see a pair of plaid ones I have.  They are cute, fun, but can only be worn with something simple.  So I was looking for a pair of boots that were similar to my Bean Boots, but a different color and Boyfriend beat me to it.  I love how they have the same feel as traditional duck boots, but are given a modern twist with the perfectly quilted material lining the top of them.

I am completely into things that are cute and, more importantly, practical.  These boots are both.  The quilted material gives them a regal feel while the rubber soles (a Sperry trademark) and grippy bottoms make them comfy, they are waterproof, and wool on the inside keeping my feet toasty and dry.  Nothing better than that.

Above, I made a Polyvore of an outfit similar to the one I am wearing today, I will describe it below:

  1.  Barbour Jackets are a classic staple.  Quilted, warm, and traditional, the Barbour Jacket brand is well known for their long lasting quality and fashionable attire.  However, what inspired me to wear this jacket were my quilted boots.  Don't you think they are a good pair?

2.  Polo Ralph Lauren designed a pair of corduroy pants that are inspired by riding pants.  Some may be skeptical, but I love them.  They add a twist to anything you pair them with...especially a quilted down jacket and duck boots.  Not lying, out here in Pennsylvania, this outfit is quite a common one worn among the preps.

3.  Sperry Top-sider Sheer Water Boots.  I explained above.  I love them, they are practical.  Wear them.

4.  I am a huge fan of finding vintage purses on Ebay, especially Dooney&Bourke ones.  The purse shown above isn't the least bit vintage, but I love the caramel leather color of it, and think it looks great paired with the coloring of the cords and boots.

5.  Michael Kors makes a great watch.  Any chunky watch would be great with this traditionally classic and practical "mucking" around outfit.  It just adds a touch of girly.  Agree?

Hope y'all had great breaks, and are getting back into the swing of things.  I am doing so at a sluggish pace!  Thanks so much for your support!

P.S.  get ready for some great posts ahead!


Hannah said...

I love, love, love your outfit. And I've never heard of those RL pants! I must look them up! Great post!!

Abby said...

Wow, I love your outfit!!!
And I especially love the Barbour jacket :)

The City Boy said...

I just got a new Barbour jacket and wanted to wear it today but it was too warm :(

Grace said...

Love this outfit! Those RL pants are super cute, too.

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