Saturday, January 14, 2012

One of the Boys

Hey Preps!

It is snowing (and has been for the past three days)!  Like I said in my previous post, I hate cold weather...but...that excludes lots of white fluffy snowflakes making those ski resorts ever so irresistible!  I just want to go outside and play all day! Who is with me?!

A side introduction there, but winter for a preppy girl means a few things.  It means Wellies with fleece socks, duck boots, and lots of chunky pieces that include sweaters, heavier polos, corduroy, and tights.  A girl has got to survive in these climates, and for me, surviving them means sitting by my heater most nights, and layering these chunky/boyish pieces.

Did she say boyish?  Yep.  Sometimes a preppy girl is stuck with the predicament of having to wear pieces that look like she's one of the boys.  How then, can she possibly keep her girly appeal?  So glad you asked, because I have the answer.

When Menswear Meets the Girly Prep

When Menswear Meets the Girly Prep by pittsburghprep 

Here is a perfect example of pairing menswear with feminine pieces.  Above the 'menswear' pieces are a Rugby Polo shirt, and penny loafers.  Both are known as classic masculine pieces that the ladies just couldn't resist to steal.

To prevent them from looking too manly, an easy way to balance these pieces is to add a classic corduroy skirt to the mix.  I once read somewhere (so it's credible, I just can't credit to the source) that men respect a woman more when she is in a skirt.  Now, I am not talking a hiked up mini skirt that shows all of your goods, I am talking a classic skirt like the one shown above.  So what perfect way to impress the gents than to pair some of his wardrobe favorites with a few girly ones of your own?

The other day, one of my best girlfriends who happens to be an amazing and creative photographer, Amy Rebekah Photography, and I had a play date together.  I put together some outfits, and she masterminded behind the lens.  Knowing I have been dying to explain this whole balance of the gender wearing stuff, I put together an outfit that exemplifies what I wrote about above:

(Polo Ralph Lauren Rugby Shirt)
(Kiel James Patrick's Jephson's Passage Traversed Bracelet
Lands' End Canvas Corduroy Skirt)
(Eastland Penny Loafers)

So ladies, are you willing to give menswear a try?
Hope y'all have a blessed day!

P.S. Be sure to check out Amy Rebekah Photography on Facebook (and expect a guest post from her shortly)!


Grace said...

Such a cute look! And the photos are incredible.

Kate said...

very cute look!

David Zaritsky said...

I think you did a nice job, while still maintaining a very feminine look...!

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