Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patek Philipe Obsession

Hey Preps!

For those of you who aren't aware, I work at a gym.  It is quite interesting honestly, because many characters of different personalities, shapes, and sizes enter through these doors.  However, one in particular has my heart.  We will call him Buddy...every morning he comes in and talks to whoever will listen.  Most of the time it's me.  Some people shy away due to his repetitive stories and forgetfulness, but not I...he simply gets my morning off to a great start.

Usually, he tells me that I should go into sales because I am good with people and pretty.  Then he tells me I am smarter than all the boys, just like his wife, which is why he married her 65 years ago.  Finally, he goes into a huge long story about how he came across a Patek Philipe watch on the streets one day, and after a year of it not being claimed, the $60,000 dollar watch became his.

He takes it off and shows me, and we both admire the unique design and time measurements that a Patek Philipe is famous for.  Then he goes on his merry way to the rocumbant bike, and I watch him completely amused and humored, wishing there were more men like him in this world.

Anyways, today Buddy walked in rocking a Tommy Hilfiger flannel button-down, khakis, a needlepoint sailing belt, and Keds.  I'm not going to lie, I DIED.  Seriously my favorite, best dressed, forgetful old man ever.

He's the best!

Hope y'all have a blessed day!


The City Boy said...

patek philipe is amazing. I also work at a gym and one day a client handed over her diamond covered Rolex to me to hold during the class. I just swooned over it for 45 minutes

Grace said...

Ah, he sounds great! I totally wish more guys today were like that, too.

sSe said...

This is hysterical, and just goes to prove that old people are truly the cutest!

Beth Dunn said...

There was a retired man at my gym that reminded me of a mayor--saying hello to everyone. He brought a smile to my face as well

New Jersey Belle said...

Buddy seems like a very nice guy!! I wish there were more people like him, instead of everyone being too busy to say hi and start a small conversation every once in a while.
ps- i tagged you in a tag post!
<3 Domenique

Jeanne Marie said...

That's Mr. West! His first name is John. :-) I've known him for years and he's hysterical!

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