Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anchor Yourself to Something Great

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He thinks he's a dog...I swear.

What are your goals?  Do you ever think about them? Sometimes I think we all have dreams that we are too scared to follow.  We get scared we will miss the mark, and fall flat on our faces.  Americans are great at making excuses, and putting on a front of who we want people to think we are.  We are all guilty of it...we want the perfect resume, and are scared to admit failure.  Worse than admitting failure, some of us are so scared to fail, that we don't even try to reach our dreams.  It's really heartbreaking to see.

I will be the first to admit that I hate failure.  I have slight OCD and really hate when I don't achieve a goal the way I wanted to.  Therefore, I feel as if I sometimes shortchange my dreams, and exchange them for second best.  Why?

Furthermore, I constantly struggle with talking about my real dreams.  I am terrified that if I talk about them, put them out there for all to see...that if I do fall short, I will look like I failed.  

So today, I am going to put a few of my life dreams out in the open.  Hopefully this will inspire you to do the same, and give you the heart and motivation to keep striving.  

This past weekend, I was at a Women in Business Conference at Colombia University.  We listened to a panel of entrepreneurs speak, and it was incredibly rewarding.  I have always wanted to own my own business.  I have no clue what that business would be due to the fact I am passionate about so many things in life.  Regardless, I have the heart to be out there in the real world making my mark.  I love working with people, and I can't imagine sitting stuck behind a cubicle desk my whole life.  Actually cubicles terrify me, and I am pretty sure I would be incredibly unhappy if I was squished in one for a career.  

Maybe I am not a normal human being.  I have no clue, but I hate being in solitude.  I would chose a room full of people over a cubicle any day.  Considering these characteristics about me, I know I need to apply this to my future career.  Where do I start though?  I have no clue.  

However the uncertainty is almost exhilarating, and I know that if you give me something I am passionate about, I will ensure that it becomes a success.  Sure I may fail a few times, but through failure, we grow. Failure allows you to step back and look at yourself or your business and see where it is lacking and improve.  

If we always look at failure as something that can help us change for the positive, maybe we would be more vocal about our faults.  Additionally, we might be able to be held accountable to our far fetched dreams.  

Sure, life doesn't work out the way we planned...but in my experience it works out in better ways than we can imagine. So, my advice to you today?  Find something you want to achieve, something you are passionate about...and go for it!  Anchor yourself to the positivity of doing something you love...and forget about the possibility of failure!

(Outfit of the Day: Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren, Pants: Tommy Hilfiger Chinos
Sperrys, J.Crew Critter Bracelet, Etsy Sailor Bracelet)

Have a blessed day y'all!


Grace said...

Love this outfit, Kalyn! That conference sounds super interesting, too. :)

Rosalyn Gambhir said...

Simply adore the nautical themed outfit!

little miss southern love. said...

Love this outfit!! And I love the little anchor bracelet! So cute :)


Kate said...

Cute cute nautical outfit, especially love the bracelets!

Sounds like an interesting conference. It's so hard to figure out what to do! I am working as a nanny now while I try figure out my path to grad school.

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