Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Remember Side Ponytails?

Hey Preps!

Growing up, it was evident that I was a 90's baby.  Oh yes, from Jellies sandals to Saddleback shoes...I was from head to toe 90's.  I rocked the side ponytails (that my mother lovingly called "Kalyns" because it was the fastest hair-do, and all the time I would allow her to put into the frizzy mane), and you bet my dresses had everything from cats to lemons on them.  

And you didn't believe me?
The Backstreet Boys were my heart throbs, Lisa Frank covered every folder and eraser I owned.  I was a living, breathing 90's statement.  I look back on that era and can't help but laugh as I already see the differences in the generation growing up behind me.  

Working in fitness, I get to become part of many new parent's lives.  It is truly rewarding to help a woman who recently gave birth shed the baby weight.  It is equally rewarding when her toddlers come running up to me and shout, "It's Mommy's best friend!".  I lose it every single time.  There is truly something about helping others change and better their lives that just grabs ahold of me.  Nothing in the world is more satisfying than finishing my day, knowing that I made someone's life a little bit better.  

Today, I was teaching a fitness class, when a young mom and her three kids swarmed into the classroom so mommy could grab a spot.  Her twin girls had side ponytails on.  She looked at me and stated, "The girls wanted to have "Kalyn Ponytails" today".  I laughed, I never realized it until now, but even today as a grown up I have the tendency to pull my hair into a ponytail that is still slightly to the side.  I guess some things are instilled in you at such an early age, that you don't even notice them anymore.  

Kind of like my hairstyles and my penny loafers.  

Yet, there are some things that we claim to be part of us, that sometimes we must change.  No one likes change, and no one wants to admit flaws...yet we all have them.  One problem I struggle with is shopping.  A girl can never have too many clothes right? Wrong. I have too many.  I literally could give away half of my wardrobe and still find a different outfit for every day of the year.  So why do I buy more clothes?  My money would be a much better resource if I were investing more of it, saving it, or using that money for experiences, not stuff.  Sure, I am a fashion guru, so I want to always look put together, but I can do so with the wardrobe I already have.  Of course I will not completely stop shopping, but I know that is something I can improve upon.  

What is the side ponytail in your life?  Is it eating the wrong things?  Avoiding the gym?  Is there a bad habit that you want to kick?  If so, it will be hard.  It will be hard to change the way you live your life currently, but I promise it will be worth it.  

My challenge to you?  Pick something in your life you want to change, and every single day make an effort to do so.  It won't be easy, but you will become a better, stronger you because of it.  Don't let it defeat you!
By the way, be sure to check out the blog, Campus Sartorialist!  I was featured in their most recent post, and they are an awesome blog to follow!

Photo Credits: Amy Rebekah Photography and Campus Sartorialist


Grace said...

Love this metaphor! I think my side ponytail is probably not trusting people, because when I was little all the other girls seemed to "burn" me.

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